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Day 5 on first OB and wondering if it’s normal....

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I’m on day 5 of my first outbreak. The pain is slowly subsiding. Nowhere that it was yesterday but I still cannot wipe down there at all as the pain is still unbearable.


I’m on suppressants and wondering if during the “healing” process it’s normal to feel shooting (wouldn’t call them pains?) in my vagina/clitoris. I also have burning at the back of my legs. My entire body is itchy too. When I go online I noticed those are symptoms of an OB starting up. Which I never got anything like that. Is it also normal for the healing process?

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@Kp07 I had prodrome symptoms, or shooting pains, in the nerves of my upper thigh just before I had my first outbreak. I honestly thought it had to do with my EBV acting up (I had mono as a freshman in college). My clitoris was incredibly sensitive before the sores started showing up on my labia majora and minora, and throughout most of my breakout. I couldn't even touch it without crying out. And it felt so uncomfortable to wear shorts, pants, underwear-anything. I'm on roughly day 10 of my first outbreak and it's only the second day that I've actually been able to touch my clitoris without gritting my teeth. It would literally throb anytime it was jostled or touched. So I would say if it happened to me during an outbreak and with suppressive therapy, it's very likely that it is a common symptom. The nurse I talked to on the phone before going in a second time, knew exactly what it was.

You are not alone!

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Right but that was at the beginning for you right? This is when the scabbing is happening for me.... so somewhere between middle and end of my first OB. I’m just hoping it’s not a second break out while my first is healing....

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@Kp07 I hope it's not either... And it was actually around the time that some were scabbing over and some were cropping up. However, since you're itching ALL over and not just around the vulva, there's a chance you could be having an allergic reaction to the antiviral. I would call your medical provider as soon as possible to ask.

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I went back today and my doctor said I have one of the worst cases she has ever seen (oh yay!). She prescribed me a nerve blocker because it’s a part of the virus and she said it’s affecting my nerves and it’s not allergy related. She also said I’m not scabbing at all but instead it’s just disappearing. Not sure if that’s a good thing or bad thing yet.

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@Kp07 Is this an example of an outbreak without sores?

I have no sores but plenty of heat/burning sensations around my pelvic area and inner thighs. its been 51 days since suspected exposure and 28 days on Valacyclovir (1 ever 12 hours) and nothing is stopping the symptoms however no outbreaks. 

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