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Could I have inherited HSV-2?

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I've just been told that I have herpes and after speaking to my mother about it she told me that both her and my father have had it since before I was born. I've read that babies can contract it during birth and show symptoms soon after, but is it possible for the virus to be incubated for nearly 20 years?

I know this is unlikely but my recent sexual partners have been tested and are clean so I'm unsure how I could have got it. Even if I got it months ago and never showed symptoms, would I not have passed it on to at least one of my partners after having sex many times without condoms?

Any advice would be appreciated as I feel clueless

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Hi, I don’t have the answer i’m Afraid. I am a mum of 5 children and had this worry with each of my pregnancies. I was told that if I had an outbreak at the time of labour i’d Be given medication and the baby too and the chances of infecting baby were slim if I was clear. My eldest is 10 so fingers crossed. It is possible to have herpes for years without knowing, i’d Only slept with a couple of ppl unprotected and had no problems what so ever gynae wise before I got herpes, but my now husband is in the army and slept with that many women prior to us meeting he wouldn’t have known where to start to ask ex’s! I have had contact with all my ex’s and I told them and they have not had anything. I don’t think it always shows up in tests straight away either??

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I would say it's possible but unlikely. Think of a child's immune system, which is poor. Then think of an adults which is built and strengthened. Wouldn't it be more likely that you would develop symptoms as a vulnerable child, rather than as an adult? That's my thoughts anyway. Plus your partners may not have been tested for HSV as it is not in the standard STD panel.

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This is extremely unlikely. Newborns who contract herpes get very sick and must be treated. There is virtually no way you would have contracted it at this time and your parents would not have known about it.

If your mom had HSV-2 when she was pregnant with you, she would have been closely monitored throughout her pregnancy. Also, if she had the infection before she became pregnant with you and had no symptoms at the time of your birth, the risk of passing it on is extremely low (it's a lot riskier if the mother contracts HSV-2 during her pregnancy).

With an established HSV-2 infection and no symptoms at the time of your birth, the chances of your mother still passing it on to you and you having no symptoms as an infant are almost 0.

It is far more likely that you contracted this from a recent partner who also contracted it recently and may not have a positive blood test yet. 

If you contracted it months ago it is absolutely possible that you did not pass this to your recent partners, or that they did contract it from you, but they have not developed symptoms and/or antibodies (that would result in a positive blood test) yet. Many people never develop symptoms when HSV-2 is acquired sexually in adulthood and it can take up to 4 months to develop antibodies that are detectable on a blood test.

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15 hours ago, girlnamedhope said:

I believe my daughter who is age 11 has it as well. Worst nightmare but she was never inappropriately touched or in any type of situation like that. I have HSV1 I believe it can happen. 

Do you have genital HSV-1? Do you think your daughter has a genital infection? If she has symptoms of genital herpes, then she must see a doctor. 

If she has cold sores, then she likely caught this from a relative or another infected child at daycare/school. If it has a genital infection, then she would have caught it from direct contact with that area.

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On 1/6/2020 at 8:53 PM, Kymberly said:

My 17 year old daughter has just been diagnosed with genital herpes she is still a virgin and  does not get oral cold sores.  My husband and I suffer with oral herpes but not genital herpes how could this have happened?  so confused:classic_angry:

Hi Kymberly, it is unlikely that your oral herpes has anything to do with your daughter. I would say she has caught it through some kind of sexual contact, whether that’s through oral sex or touching. She might not be straight up with you because you’re her parents. Don’t worry about where it came from, just be there to listen if she needs it.

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