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1 week into first outbreak....

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So I’m 7 days into my first outbreak. I find the only thing that makes me feel better is epsom salt baths and baby powder. Everything else topical just burns the crap out of it.


My doctor said it is one of the most severe cases she has ever seen to make it worse. I was yesterday to see her on day 6 and was diagnosed on day 2. See here is what bothers me- I only had two sores on my labia that have since healed but I keep getting numerous by the anus. Which of course I’ve never done anything anal sex wise or really anything physically in that area. Today I woke up to two new sores and one massive blister there. I mean massive. Probably the size of a dime! When I asked my doctor what the heck was going on she said said it was like a “kissing virus” in that one side will get the sores and then the other side will be infected because it touches automatically.


I asked if she knew when this would end and she’s estimating probably another 5 days but each day a new blister starts I can tack on another 5 days. Honestly the pain has gone away and it feels more like an annoying chaffing between my butt.


Besides taking the antivirals and lysine, is there anything else that I could possibly be doing to make this go along faster with healing? I really miss working out and I’ve been told not to until it is clearly gone. I’ve gained 5 lbs even though I’m only eating healthy! I’m taking baths 2-3 x a day which does wonders clearly for my vagina seeing as they are all gone and healed up but my butt just keeps getting them.


I’m so frustrated.

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When I had my first outbreak it lasted like a month and a half. It didn't go away until I started investigating, and found out I was doing lots of things wrong, like taking some delicious peanut butter toasts to "ease the tragedy". Little I knew I was making my life more miserable doing so!


I also wanted to do sport to "forget about it", and keeping the area wet because of the sweat wasn't helping. Neither the super-manly efforts I wanted to perform to feel myself a little better.


I also tried some "home" remedies, like juicing some lemon and adding baking soda to the sores... which I knew afterwards it wasn't the best idea (pain is a great teacher).


All in all, I couldn't have had a more clumsy start with my new "friend".


However little by little all went under control, specially when sticking to the medication program.


Something that I experienced that helps a lot in the speed of the recovery is applying aloe vera to the sores. It REALLY helps, and they get dry and heal very quickly (two days for me) at least if they are in an external surface.


When I say Aloe vera I mean the full vegetable. You buy it, then you cut it and you peel it - so you have on one side the "gelatine meat" (you can do a smoothie with it, adding some fruits, and drink it), and on the other side the skin.


Then you take the interior area of the skin and you apply it to your sores a couple of times every day.


Try it! It should help a lot.



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