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Herpes? Let's see.

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Late september 2017, I had unprotected sex with a female for a good amount of time. A few days later, I developed a rash under my penis, and it burned like no other. I then immediately got sick for a few days.


Since then, the rash has still stayed there and still burns everyday (constant pain). The pain then spread to my anus also in January, and my anus gets inflamed a lot now (red color everywhere).


I went to PCP, he prescribed SMZ-TMP, then cipro, then I got swabbed for bacterial and fungal infection... all negative results. Mid March I took a STD full panel test including Herpes 1 and 2 IGG, and all negative. (I was given fungal and bacterial cream also, nothing helped).


Now here we are June, symptoms still persist: burning in penis and anus, rash-like/inflamed skin. I took another STD test but this time only Herpes 1 and 2 IGG: results came back negative.


So I went to the dermatologist today and I was sad because of my pain, and she told me what she thinks it can be so here is what she said:

She is giving me desonide to apply to infected area.

She is also giving me acyclovir (tablet form) 400 mg, take 3 times a day. She said I might be an outlier in the Herpes IGG testing. She said if the acyclovir works, the rash and pain will eventually go away, and this would be good indication that I have genital herpes.


Moreover, she told me worst case scenario, in 6 weeks when I have another appointment I will be undergoing biopsy on my rash on my penis to see what is actually causing this mess.


Like I said, this is a rare case, and I hope the medicine works, or I hope the biopsy goes well and they find out what is wrong with me.


The last 8 months of my life have been hell due to this burning pain and tingling sensation. Also, I am glad I have this rash that accompanies my pain because it shows proof that I am actually feeling these things, rather than having no rashes, the doctors might think I am crazy or having placebo effect.


Truly sorry if anyone has gone under this pain for as long as I have.



I will keep you guys updated with my story.





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This sounds a lot like my story except I’m a female. I had itching and burning, tingling pain that would go back to my anal region. So much pain and every test was negative. I thought I was going to be diagnosed with herpes so I joined this forum. Why I still look at it I’m not sure? You could be why. Men can get this too... I had pelvic floor dysfunction. All the pain burning tingling and even the rash. I was always very red and inflamed around my vaginal opening. I have been doing physical therapy for my muscles and have resumed my normal life and activities. I hope you see this message or better yet figured out your diagnosis and treatment by now. 

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