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Scientific paper: Creatine Monohydrate could make you outbreak-free

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My last post was removed, I think because someone thought it was spam or an ad (far from it!) so I re-post this.


Here's an interesting link about Creatine Monohidrate and its effects over herpes.


Creatine is a generic substance (powder) found on skeletal muscle of animals (pork, poultry, any animal), that athletes and fitness enthusiasts use to increase power and muscle mass. It is very well studied and used widely under many different brands.


Apparently, in 1998, a doctor in the US military found out that several marines who were herpes positive stopped asking for their Acyclovir prescription to treat the infection during several months.


He wondered why, and started to investigate, only to find out that the marines had all started a supplementation program using Creatine Monohidrate.


- https://www.deepdyve.com/lp/elsevier/does-supplemental-creatine-prevent-herpes-recurrences-PiB9R0qv1w


This is encouraging, as Creatine Monohidrate is much more safe and cheap than the prescription drugs.


The paper mentions that in another study, it was found out that cyclocreatine, a synthetic compound with the same structure and function than creatine, "inhibits the replication of [...] herpes simplex type 1 and 2"), which would stop asymptomatic shedding as well.


Caution! It could it be anecdotical. We aren't sure if asymptomatic shedding is stopped, so you could be contagious even if no OB are present.


But for those *who aren't having sex* it could be worth a try.



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Hi @mstanya1234 you can find it on any Sports Nutrition store, some gyms will also sell it, or you can order it from the internet. It usually is a cheap product, very safe and widely used.


You have to be careful to check that the Creatine does not have an additional component called Arginine.


Arginine is good for herpes (it awakes it/makes it stronger) and bad for us, so it has to be pure Creatine, 100%, with nothing added to it.


Creatine has many other benefits that you can search online, is like a good supplement. However, I want to stress two things:


1) it is not sure it works for everybody 100% of the time

2) it may be ineffective keeping at bay the asymptomatic shedding (that is, when you are contagious even if no sores are visible).


So I would take it as an experiment, and I would do it ONLY if I wasn't to have any sex for a while. Otherwise we could be putting in danger our partners.


Best regards,

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I don't know anything about creatine's effect on herpes. But this is one "home remedy" that I would actually consider safe enough to recommend trying.

I do happen to know a thing or two about creatine for exercise:

1. It increases bloodflow throughout the body by allowing neutrients to exchange from tissue into red blood cells and out of red blood cells into tissue.

2. Creatine Hydrocloride is absorbed more readily and used more fully than creatine monohydrate.

3. Creatine is proven to help remove lactic acid from muscles, allowing them to work harder and recover faster.

4. You can tell it's working when you urinate A TON after exercise. That's how your body gets rid of lactic acid.

5. A healthy adult can generally take up to 3 grams of creatine Hydrocloride per 100lbs of body weight without risking puffing up muscle cells with excess water. (Personally I take 1 gram per 100lbs of body weight and it works well for me).

6. Creatine is most commonly found in Salmon, but it is present in other animal meat in lesser amounts. However, you'd still have to eat pounds and pounds of salmon a day for it to have any noticable effect.

7. Proper dosage of ceatine hasn't been linked to any adverse health effects in otherwise healthy people, but it is worth talking to your doctor anytime you change diet or want to try a suppliment.

8. I've taken creatine Hydrocloride (in powder form, mixed with water) for about 10 years and insist that any healthy person who is into strength training should try it.


So, rather than touching affected areas to apply oils or ointments, or take drastic measures with diet, creatine might be a better alternative. If combined with a regular exercise plan, the lessened muscle soreness alone is worth it (not to mention faster strength gains and better workouts).

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