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Advice from a person who has had this for a long time and how to deal....

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Lets get to the point ....First you are not going to die....People cannot look at you and know you have herpes....Saying the word herpes will always be awkward......Tea Tree oil relieves itching.....Cold wet compresses with ice also helps itching...Lysine is your friend....Arginine is not....You can look these up.....There usually is depression, anxiety, etc and thats a biggeee.


I get it and i was there. I didn't want to leave my house. I cried. I withdrew from everyone and i was just sad....But one day I helped some kids that were very unfortunate and i realized how darn lucky i am. I can wake up in my own warm bed, i can walk outside on my own, i can hold my daughter and take her to school, i can go to the local pub a drink a beer with my friends, i can take my wife out on date night.....I think i was focusing on what i can't do and that's when it all changed


Everybody has something. That girl that seems to have perfect hair could be battling cancer. That guy that everyone loves could be battling depression. My point is everyone is human and nobody is perfect. This could be out flaw. this could actually be what makes us all human. That imperfection we have all been waiting for. I'll be honest ...I hate saying the word "Herpes"...Instead i say HS2....Same thing but it seems more formal....Scientific like....But for all of you out there that know

exactly what im talking about, the pain, sadness and depression WILL GO AWAY.....


Now i live in California and we have legalized cannibis. I do consume CBD which is the non psychoactive part of the plant and it helped me with my anxiety and sadness. I cannot say what it will do for others but it did work for me. Back to depression; do yourself a favor and don't dwell on the past..what happened whether is was from a girlfriend, boyfriend, a one nighter, a three nighter, doesn't matter. What matters is what you do going forward. Be honest with your partner. Alway and i mean always disclose what we have. If they bail, then they do. If they don't, they awesome....


So as i told someone on our board today, don't let this rule you, you rule it....Its a stupid over-exaggerated rash that is really really annoying. The beach is still there. The dog park is still there..The motocross track is still there...Happy hour is still there...Concerts are still there thank goodness.


When you meet someone special, pick your time to let them know and if they truly are special, i promise it won't matter. I told a girl i was dating before anything advanced if you know what i mean and i let her think about it. I told her it was ok whatever she wanted to do and the next day she called me and asked me out....If someone cares about you, they see all of you ...Not just certain parts....


I hope this helps someone and everyone....

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That post was amazing. I'm kind of going through it right now because I think I may have passed it on to my boyfriend of one month after not passing it on to my ex of 2 years and it's killing me. I don't know what he'll think of me and whether or not the trust has been broken.

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