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I have just been recently diagnosed with HSV-2. I ended a one year relationship with my boyfriend and started dating a new person for about two months. In the year relation, I was clean for std's and in the past two weeks started feeling symptoms. I had my first OB and went to my gyn and tested positive for the culture but negative on the blood test. The only person I have slept with was this new person and he has not slept with anyone else besides me during this time period. He was tested for other std in January but it was a urine test so herpes was not tested for. Does this mean he contracted this sometime before and didn't know and passed it to me and when he takes the test he will test positive as well? Thank you

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It is possible that he didn't know.

There are plenty of people who go undiagnosed and whos symptoms are very mild or non-existent entirely.

It would be fair to ask him to get a blood test, just so you can get a dialogue started about how things effect you, how you feel about each other, and where you want things to go in the future.

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@regularguy He is going to get a blood test taken now too. My fear is that his will come back as negative and I will look like the liar even though I know that I must have gotten it from him. I guess it’s just my anxiety getting the best of me because there is no other logical answer then he is where I contracted it from. He’s been very supportive over the recent news too

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Herpes doesn't really work like that. Its possible you could have gotten it a long time ago and its just now popping up. Its also possible you got it from him. This happened to me as well, negative blood test and positive culture. Its possible he doesn't know he has it but its also possible you got it from someone else and it was latent (hidden) until now. Its a crazy virus. blood tests are very unreliable. Its just impossible to know where you got it from unless he was your only partner ever.


Its more common than you think and remember that you did nothing wrong. We are all humans. We just were unlucky to contract this virus, doesn't make you less than him. Nobody asks for this.

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