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Really not sure if I have herpes? Please read and reply

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So about 8 weeks ago I noticed a red blotch like area on the head of my penis, it started small and grew larger as time went on, I then started to notice a couple of other smaller ones on different parts of the head of my penis. They didn’t go away on their own and after 3 weeks went to the STD clinic to see about herpes, the nurse somewhat laughed and said “you’d know if you have herpes” as I told her these red blotches didn’t itch, hurt or anything, I hadn’t felt different in myself as a person aside from feeling down as I wasn’t sure what they were. She put it down to skin irritation. Anyway I went to the DR the next day and he said looks like a fungal infection, prescribed anti fungal cream for 2 weeks which after 2 weeks cleared up the blotches, however a week since finishing the cream I’ve noticed red blotches starting to come back? Now I’m thinking maybe it is herpes? As I saw it comes back a lot in first year? I don’t think I can get tested for herpes as they don’t have puss or don’t sore or scab over, I don’t feel like my symptoms are herpes but I now think it may be as I saw online you can have it but have mild symptoms and sometimes not even know you have it. I’m a young lad and really worried about this situation any advice is welcome and appreciated. I notice sometimes some areas of my shaft under the head of the penis when the forskin is rolled back some yellow areas that look maybe slightly like sores but don’t hurt when touched or anything? Can anyone offer any feedback or thought?


Thanks in advance and sorry for the details

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You can get a blood test for herpes, but I just learned that the UK medical community is hesitant to draw blood for it for some stupid reason.

There are a LOT of things that can cause red blotches. First thing that comes to mind is just raw or tenderness from friction. Seeing as you are a young dude, take it easy on the whacking off for a while, haha!

If it didn't present itself as telltale blisters (you can google images, but they look like tiny pimples and have clear fluid in them) or tiny cuts, chances are it isn't herpes. Having had a few scares myself before being diagnosed with HSV, I can assure you that there are a million things you can do to your junk that look and feel concerning.

If you're really worried about it, ask for a blood test for each possible STD and review the results with a doctor (personally, I did this annually or semiannually for years, monogamous relationship or otherwise).

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Hey Unitedfan,


TL;DR-- I had several scares just like yours, it was never herpes. When I actually got herpes, it was very obvious.


Prior to actually contracting HSV1, I had numerous "scares" that sound identical to what you're describing: inexplicable red blotches that never hurt or itched or anything, but being a bit of a hypochondriac I always jumped straight to, "Oh sh*t, I have herpes!"


I'd run to the doctor, who would laugh and tell me, "Trust me, you'd know if it was herpes." On one or two occasions, they said it looked like a fungal issue, prescribed some anti-fungal cream, and so on...In those situations, it never turned out to be herpes. I finally convinced a doctor to run some bloodwork to put my mind to rest, and everything came back negative. In my experience, it's kind of tough to get a doctor to do the blood work because in general doctors seem to think herpes is an overblown condition not worth worrying about (which I'm now sort of inclined to agree with, personally, but I suppose I'm biased), but maybe you can plead your case and get a sympathetic doc to run the tests and put your mind at ease.


Now, we know that there are a lot of people who have herpes and don't know because the symptoms are so mild, or otherwise aren't "characteristic" of herpes, so it's easy to see anything out of the ordinary 'down there' and think, "Well it *could* be herpes!" Fair enough. But as RegularGuy astutely pointed out, there are A LOT of things that can cause red blotches. And most of them aren't herpes.


Where none of your symptoms match the "telltale" signs, and where you have doctors and medical professionals telling you it's not herpes, I'd take a deep breath and try to trust their professional judgment. Life's too short to worry about herpes, especially when you probably don't have it :)


When I finally contracted HSV, all of the telltale signs were there-- terrible flu like symptoms and a nice fat sore that looked *exactly* like all the pictures online. There was no doubt. Looking back on it, all the times I worried about "red blotches" seem very silly now because they so obviously weren't herpes.

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