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How mild is GHSV2 primary when having OHSV1? Discharge in men?

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Recently slept with a girl 3 weeks ago who had HSV2 - because I thought I had it! Random cuts on my penis head, maybe it is contact dermatitis or something, but was never classic symptoms I just had cuts I assumed were it. Turns out my IGG was negative! She has had it for about 10 years and outbreak free for some time I believe.


Anyway I had some redness on my penis about 5 days after sleeping with her. Redness, flaking skin around bottom of penis head (perhaps place that gets most attention during sex and from friction?) nothing like classic signs, no actual blister or seeping wound or burning and pain, no swollen lymph nodes no headache or fever. I also have OHSV1 so know I prolly wouldn't have classic signs any way - which is adding to my worry. Went to STD clinic in my area for a good opinion from a Dr who has seen it all. She said nothing on my penis looks herpetic, that it appears like friction burns.


Anyway we both noticed I had a little clear discharge (this was also 10 minutes after peeing). So she gave me a shot, though I got my recent test back and I was negative for Gon/Chlamid


I've read it can cause discharge in men, almost urine like. But I haven't gotten much definitive answers on this. Any guys experienced discharge when they had HSV2 after peeing? Seems like within 30 minutes after its there but that's it.


And how mild were peoples symptoms when you also had OHSV1? Thanks for any input much appreciated! Id just rather know and deal with it or believe the Dr finally and believe I may not have it. One way or other is better than not knowing.

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I'm going to see Dermatologist tomorrow. Only worry I have is that since I have had antibodies for OHSV1 for so long, i wouldn't have a typical outbreak. These red marks have been there around 10 days now. Like I said no real discomfort, no itching, no swollen lymph nodes, no symptoms except visible redness and maybe minor skin irritation at the site. Both Drs said nothing to swab there either

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