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Not sure if I have herpes

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Hi, so for 4 months now, everyday I am wondering whether I've contracted herpes or not. It's making me go crazy, angry, frustrated and sad. I received an oral sex from someone I didn't know, after some time I've felt sick, a cold sore showed up on my lip ( I believe i've had cold sores on my mouth before, but I'm not sure ). Then two weeks after that I woke up with itching, red spot on my foreskin. I instantly went to a doctor, and he said I shouldn't worry that it's an std, he perscripted a steroid ointment, which I think made things worse, my whole penis head and foreskin is now red, I also had a painful red spot near my anus some time ago. I am now stuck with red skin on my penis. The worst thing is that i don't know if I have the virus or not, I don't think it's HSV2, i took a blood test for both strains, I am curently waiting for the results, but as the other doctors said it won't tell me anything, it might detect HSV1 that I've had since childhood in the oral area, but that won't tell if it's in the genital area too. I don't have any symptoms in my genital area now. How can i know if i have the virus in my genital area or not? This makes me more and more depressed, because Im a virgin, so the thought of getting HSV from the first oral sex ever is devastating. Is it possible that the first outbreak of genital HSV1 triggered a cold sore on my mouth? Four different doctors told me not to worry, but i can't. What should i do in this situation?

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I am a female that has HSV type 1 genitally and orally. I originally got it only genitally; 90% of my outbreaks when/ if I do get them happen there. the other 10% when occur on my mouth area. so it is possible for it migrate to other areas. I am not trying to scare you. I do not believe a blood test can tell a doctor it migrated but the physical symptoms and your accounts can. I would seek a different doctors opinion.

This is what I did what I noticed mine migrated: I take daily low dose antivirals as a preventive to stop outbreaks. My triggers for my outbreaks were stress, anxiety, and as a woman my monthly time. I started preventative therapy when my HSV-1 migrated and I started having the rare oral outbreak because for me it was easier to hide a genital outbreak then one people could see on my face. I went from a couple outbreaks a year to none. So my advice is seek another opinion. It could be something else, but it sounds like your may have migrated from oral to genital. My primary care doctors did not originally believe me either. I got type tested at the hospital i have paper work saying I has type-1. I came in telling them I had HSV-1 genitally. They kept saying no that's type-2. I had to keep insisting they were wrong and you can have it both ways. They printed my paperwork then finally believed me. If you are showing physical symptoms you are describing get looked at by another doctor and see if they think it looks like HSV. 

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