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5 months in and still devastated

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Told my bf as soon as I found out, he freaked out for 5 minutes then when he seen the shape I was in he stopped and felt he had to be there for me. I live in Canada and they will only test when you have an ob , so we don't know if he has it too. My doctor said that if he hasn't had an ob yet,that he is to assume that he doesn't have it. We have had intercourse with condoms 3 times since then but it freaks him out because my juices are on the condom and hes scared to get them on him. He says that he enjoys the friendship part of the relationship too much to give up on it but having sex stresses him out so he cant sleep. I cry often because ive finally found someone who likes me for me and now I have herpes , and he has a hard time dealing with it. He comments often that I will meet someone in time that will not have an issue with herpes but yet neither one of us really wants to give up on one another because of other good quality's. I wonder how many others are in the same situation and how it has turned out? my doctor doesn't want to put me on daily suppression yet but I am going to insist on my next app because everytime I menstruate I have an ob.

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Im currently going through the same situation. Its so tough that I decided it would be better to just be friends. But he doesnt want to lose everything with me and said the only way he sees it working is to have a non sex relationship until he is ready. But I feel that if I went with that decision I risk he would never deal with the stress of it and accept that its a small risk and eventually it would tear us apart. Or i could try and it maybe work. But so hard to know. So confusing as you have no control over the fact we have herpes. I also don't want to feel as if im a ticking bomb and him thinking everytime we have sex he will get it.

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