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ITCHING possibly tied to PROBIOTICS!!!

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Hey everyone! Just wanted to share my experience and discovery in the hopes that it will help so many of you out there!!


I went through a really intense second outbreak of my GHSV1 over the holidays. I'm one of those women who contracted the virus over a decade ago and after having the first outbreak, it went dormant for about 15 years, until this past winter when I ended up with a second outbreak that pretty much lasted for 4 months and caused constant irritation down there. Like many of you I began to look closer at my life, lifestyle, diet, etc to see what I could do to help my body fight this nuisance of a virus and one of the things I did was begin taking probiotics daily, starting this past March.


The issues I suffered pretty much were ongoing from mid-november until late February and slowly began to resolve with some daily Valtrex. It was in March that I took some advice and began also taking a daily high strength probiotic and THAT's when the itching started. I didn't realize it at the time, but that is when I started to have this itching at night...the feeling of bugs crawling all over my skin down there and all over my body. Well after an insightful conversation with a friend, I googled "itching all over and probiotics" and found a ton of information to suggest that maybe the probiotics and not the HSV1 were the cause for my itching so I stopped taking them. It's been 5 days since I stopped taking them and the itching has completely stopped.


If any of you out there are including probiotics in your regime to boost your immune system and you ALSO are experiencing itching, especially that feeling of bugs crawling on your skin...try eliminating probiotics and see if that helps!


It's only been 5 days and so far so good, but I will def report back if anything changes. For now I am so grateful to have possibly ended the frustration and mystery around the itching!!




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