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No Idea What To Do.. Please Help???

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Im an 18 year old male and think I have HSV2. Please help me out guys.


So i've found myself in a sort of sticky situation.

On February 12th, I had sex with a female that does not know her status. A few days after I went to get an std test and everything came back negative, excluding H, because I did not test for it. a week and a half after, I started to feel sick, but only for a day I felt swollen lymph nodes, body aches, then it left. I never got sores or anything on my gential area. A few weeks later, I decided to get a H test. It came back positive for H type 1. I got the tests 6 weeks after, 8, 10, and 12 weeks after I had sex. I have never had sores, and I had swabs done on some skin that came back negative for both types of H as well. All skin swabs came back negative and all blood tests came back positive for H1 but negative for h2. On week 10, my doctor put me on Valtrex for 7 days, just in case. I still never had sores or anything. So heres the thing. Im going to display my symptoms and stuff on a chart




sickness that just lasted a day. Body Aches, Headahces, Nausea, Swollen lymph nodes only on neck.




mid march, i got pains on my left leg going down my leg, some right leg pain, arm pain, hand pain, and lower back pain as well as headaches and nausea. Underarm pain. It was ongoing for the whole month. Also experienced sore throat.





mid march, i got pains on my left leg going down my leg, some right leg pain, arm pain, and lower back pain as well as headaches and nausea. Underarm pain.



Started to feel the pains, headaches, and nausea again. This was ongoing to present, I still feel it.





Still feel the pains and nausea and headaches.


Other Notes and Observations:

-The pains that I feel are intermittent, but are constant at the same time. Like I will feel them for a month but they dont hurt 24/7, they just come and go every couple of minutes or hours.

-Sometimes, My testicles hurt throughout this.

-My shaft hurts sometimes as well, but rarely and it only lasts for seconds.its mainly my legs.

-Last week, I was itching my shaft and right after, It became red. The next day it became purple like a bruise and hurt to touch like a bruise. The next day, the bruise became a scar and then it fell off with no mark or lesions or outbreaks or cuts or fluids. it still kind of hurts to touch

-I got an HSV1 oral outbreak a few weeks ago, and gave it to some people. Could this cause all of this?


I had sex with my partner through out all of this, and she also gets these kinds of symptoms, but no outbreaks. I dont get any outbreaks either. I am pretty sure that I have previous exposure to hsv 1 too.


My questions..


Are my IGG results accurate after 12 weeks even if I have hsv1 already and even if I took valtrex for a week? I heard that valtrex slows down seroconversion, and I also heard that 12 weeks is not enough for an accurate igg if you are already positive for hsv1.


should I stop having sex?


When/ how long should I wait to get tested for an accurate IGG?


Could oral HSV1 cause all of this?


Please advise me and help me as much as possible.


Thanks guys!






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