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Yeast infection symptoms?

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For weeks I've been having a vaginal irritation that feels like a yeast infection. At the same time, I started feeling an outbreak, which occurs on my lower thigh near my knee. Could have easily diagnosed as a yeast infection except there was no discharge. Went to a clinic, not my normal gyno, who tested my urine said it was yeast infection. Started treating that and taking valacyclovir for outbreak. Irritation didn't quite go away, saw my gyno, no STDs and she prescribed fluconazole which I have already taken! Started reading some forums today and read some outbreaks can be confused as yeast infections. Does anyone else experience this? Should I not take/treat both at the same time? Just looking for some relief

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No, yeast infections and herpes only look alike to the inexperienced provider. In addition, confirmation of yeast is usually preformed. If your urine was examined and contained yeast organisms that in no way looks like herpes. However, you could have both. You should get the area swabbed for HSV.

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I very much am convinced my initial “outbreak” was actually confused by both me and my doctor as a yeast infection. The ONLY symptom I can relate back to being exposed was a very intense burning all around my vaginal region, from what I remember about 2 weeks from when I first started sleeping with the individual I believe exposed me. I had no lesions, bumps, or sores (still have never had a typical herpes outbreak) and so I figured it was a yeast infection.


The other thing I will say is that I immediately went and got tested for the standard STDs when I had the burning, nothing positive. I also immediately started taking AZO yeast infection symptom relief pills which within hours started to reduce and then eliminate the burning. I did end up going to see a doctor as well and she took a sample, looked for the yeast growth and “confirmed” at the time that’s what I had. I eventually went back when I had a small cut I couldn’t get to heal, they swabbed that and that is when I was diagnosed. Still no way to know if the cut was even related to herpes.


So moral of the story, a lot of initial herpes outbreaks are so mild they are either not noticed or like myself, confused as something else.



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