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damp towel

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i have googled and googled the internet says you can't get herpes from inanimate objects.is this true? my friend has hsv2 and I wiped on her towel with my gentile's.so I had these bumps come up on my butt they don't or itch they stay around a few days and then disappear.does this sound like I have herpes? please answer I'm terrified.i have been crying and feeling sucicdal

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I was wondering if this sounds like Herpes 2.i know Adrail says you can't get herpes from a damp towel.I'm wondering now if it touched my Mucus Membrane.I have hsv1 in my gentials and I had 2 out breaks of the blister's but I have had small red sores with it both times.I'm wonder if this sounds like I have acquired hsv2?thanks Sarah

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Technically you can get herpes from a towel, but it's just unlikely. Let's say there's an active herpes outbreak and the "raw materials" of the outbreak itself get rubbed onto a towel (especially the liquid part), then soon after that part of the towel gets rubbed onto another part of the body with a break in the skin or thinner skin barrier (like mucous membranes, for example), then it can be transferred that way. But most people won't be rubbing the actual active outbreak to get enough matter onto the towel in order to make a transfer possible. Without an active outbreak, then the asymptomatic viral shedding isn't enough to live on an inanimate surface long enough to make a transfer viable. 

To answer your question about HSV-2, have you gotten those small red sores directly cultured/swabbed by a doctor? That's going to be the definitive way to know for sure. 

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Id say go see a doctor and ask to be tested just in case. If your worried get tested. But as @mr_hopp said its very unlikely to get it from a towel or cloth. 

Dont stress. Deep breaths. I know its really hard to be diagnosed. And im still in a slight shock of finding out 8 months ago. But it gets better. Its not a death sentance. 

You life doesnt stop. Life only gives us what we can handle to show us our inner stregnth. You are strong. And youll be okay. 🙂

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