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Should I take acyclovir?

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I just found out I was hsv 1&2. Not a shocker on the HSV1 since I always would get canker sores since I was kid randomly. But HSV2 was a shocker, since February I had random issues down there and never thought of genital herpes since I have been married for 4 years. My gno recommended a blood screening and boom a week later she calls me and tells. She told me I can or cannot take acyclovir and it is up to me but she sent to the pharmacy if I decided to use it daily. She also stated that she thinks I had this virus for a long time and I just had my outbreak. My question is should I take it or just watch my diet? I gained 10 pounds in the last 6 months and found out I had high cholosterol. But my last outbreak was 2-3 days and the the little bumps went away so it was mild. I don’t want to gain dependency on something if I have a good immune system to just keep it off. What would you do? Take 2 400mg acyclovir or just see what happens?



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Hi @ShannonHawaii14,

I'm new to the forum and currently live on Oahu.

While the antivirals may help with the symptoms, one of the main reasons people take them regularly, even daily, is to suppress the virus and help prevent their partners from getting it. This is in addition to condoms and avoiding sex during outbreaks. The transmission rate from women to men is 4% using nothing; 10-15% from man to woman. Using all 3 methods reduces the risk from woman to man to 1%. (The risk of dying in a car accident is 1.81% over a lifetime)

Hope that helps with the decision making.

(BTW, true canker sores are not a symptom of HSV1)

Good luck!!!

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Hey Shannon,

I think if your body is handling the virus don’t do the antivirals.  Use the antivirals to get ahead of bad outbreaks but using it as a daily can cause it to mutate. I’m not sure why drs aren’t preventing misuse of antivirals because they saw with over prescribing antibiotics just how over usage causes bacterial resistance but they are headed in the same direction.  With the Absolute lack of information and accurate recording of all the mutations (because drs aren’t doing anything to help with the H battle) I believe herpes resistance will be wide spread. Mine mutated. And that’s because I abused antivirals and used them when I didn’t need to because I was just paranoid about having the diagnosis.  No antiviral drugs work for me now and I’ve had the time of my life finding my herbal regimen that works for me.  I Thank God I did.

Psalms 103: 2-4 

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