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Re-opening lesion after sex

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Hi there, First post for me. I have HSV1 genitally but hadn't had an outbreak for over 4 years until last month. 1 tiny tear. I'm guessing due to low immunity & stress. Very annoying! I've always been on supressive Valtrex. Upped the dose after Dr confirmed it was an OB. So I wait for it to heal (which happened very quickly, within a few days) but wait 2 weeks till all things looked perfect & I felt good. I have sex with husband and it re opens. GRRRR! Heals within a day or 2, wait 2 weeks. Use lube, still on high dosage of Valtrex and re opens AGAIN! I am so depressed and frustrated and I get more worked up and insecure and scared to have sex. I am very depressed. I take Lysine & Valtrex and use lube and I'm at my lowest point right now. I'm afraid I will never be able to have sex again.

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On 9/6/2018 at 10:55 AM, Jackattack said:

Hi @Hiddenkiwi - any updates on you? I'm still struggling.  Went away for a few weeks then got sick with a chest infection and came back.  Then went away within 24hours.  So frustrating. 

Hi Jackattack. Nope still happening. I'm take two tabs of valaciclocir 500mg per day but still as soon as I have sex Boom it's back again.

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On 12/2/2018 at 6:16 AM, Hiddenkiwi said:

valaciclocir 500mg

Yep. I'm the same.  I take the same tablets. I take 1 x 500mg daily and then after sex I take 100mg a day. So 2 just to keep it at bay.  I find that if I don't have special cuddles a often with my hubby it stays away. I make sure there is a lot of lube and also I do think that my pill thins the skin down there......

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This happens to me too. It's very upsetting. I've had lots of tears at the opening of my vagina (the posterior fourchette?) I've been to the doctors 3 times about them and have always been told they are not outbreaks (which was my main concern) but tears.  Did you have the tear swabbed? I'd make 100% sure it is an outbreak before you panic too much. I've been given some emollient to use to strengthen the skin down there. I haven't seen my partner since I've been using it so I'm not sure if it works but I'm nervous. I feel like as soon as I get to see him it gets ruined. I never ever used to tear before my ghsv1 diagnosis so I'm really baffled. I did email the uk helpline and they said it didnt sound like an outbreak and that some women report damaged skin following a diagnosis. It may just be a case of using a lot more lube and strengthening the skin down there if possible. Vitamin e is meant to be helpful too. And coconut oil after sex?

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Thankyou so much for your reply.  I am interested to see how this emollient works. I haven't had them swabbed as I am too frightened. The tears are quite bad at times. I know it's because the skin is so thin. I will go to my Dr and ask for some skin strengthening cream or alike. Lube has been helpful but does not always work.  For a time there it was one particular place that re opened. About 3 yeara ago I had a breakout of only 1 lesion  and it was confirmed that it was a replapse of hsv1. Since then that area of skin is sooo thin and just reopens at times.  I hope you find  some success with emollient.  I am going to find out if I can get it in Australia.  

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No problem. Its something I've posted about a few times. Seems like something a few of us struggle with. Its interesting because I always worried it was an outbreak, the last tear I had took a really long time to heal (2 months!) but every doctor has said it's not and it's a tear in a common place to get them. The first doctor I saw gave me steroid cream which did clear the tear, but when it happened again and worse and I had to go back, the doctor gave me diprobase (the emmolient) as she said that steroid creams thin the skin so that was counter productive.

Something else she mentioned was that it could be related to thrush but she has promised to keep an eye on it for me and said that she won't let it keep happening so if it does she will send me to a specialist. One thing I would say is if it keeps happening, go to the doctors, get it swabbed. That way you can rule out hsv1 if it's not that. Then, press the doctor to help you! Don't let just 1 doctors opinion (especially if they didnt swab the cut) not let you find a treatment for something else that may be going on or could be solved. 

Before I forget.. someone on here recommended was medicine mamas v magic. She said that she also kept getting tears and she used this on the area of skin and it strengthened it up. She said it's not happening anymore. It's an all natural cream so worth a shot? I think it's an American brand but I managed to get it on amazon! Its expensive but has some great reviews so I'm giving it a go. 

Let us know how you get on. Fingers are crossed for you

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I'm definitely going to try coconut oil and then when/if happens I'll iinsist on getting swabbed.  I really think it's from thin skin. I take valtrex daily as a preventative so I doubt its an outbreak.  My outbreaks happen like every 4 years etc.  Thank you For messaging back.  I really appreciate hearing from someone who is suffering the same as me. I'm definitely alao googling that magic cream. I am willing to try anything!!! Plus it's natural so win win!!! Thank you so much!!!!! Xx

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I'm the same I take surpressive when I see my partner for caution. I think the skin is just a bit more delicate than it was. I think its easy for us to put it down to an outbreak but there may be other things going on as a result of previous outbreaks maybe. One doctor I saw said treat it like any other skin and nourish it and moisturise it. 


No worries I've had  hard time with it and its taken me  long time to get somewhere so wanted to help out!! Definitsly give the magic cream a go. I've seen lots of people say its great for thin skin and some people seem to use it as lube too? 


Good luck fingers crossed xx

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