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The pain is unbearable!

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I found out yesterday that I have herpes I’m not sure which one. They did a culture so I guess I get the results on my follow up. For me it started Monday I woke up and my vagina just felt so sore by Tuesday afternoon I had chills and fever and the pain and worsen I also had a lot of body aches. Wednesday it felt like I was urinating fire and the pain just kept feeling worse like paper cuts all down there. I couldn’t move I. Could barely walk. Couldn’t sleep. Thursday I called and made an appt with my Gyno for Friday. The pain was not getting better at all I didn’t understand. I looked in a mirror and tried to see and I did notice a lot of redness and white stuff. I also had a yellowisj discharge since weekday. The worse thing has been urinating. I am in such agony I just want to scream. I cry and I cry and just terrified to go to the bathroom. Friday I felt worse again. I walk funny I can’t even Lay down comfortably. Finally at 2pm I went to my appt. First look and he knew it was herpes :( I started bawling I couldn’t believe. I still don’t. I’m in shock. I haven’t stopped crying I feel depressed. Angry ashamed. I should’ve been so much more careful. He prescribed me the medicine that starts with a V 1000mg 2x a day. He also prescribed a cream but I don’t have insurance and the pharmacy said it was $900 which I just don’t have :( I really wanted something to put down there bc like I said the pain is just absolutely awful it’s worse when I pee but even laying down or walking or getting up I have to move so carefully bc I will feel pain. I finally figured out the best way for me to urinate is in the shower. I get a large cup with warm water and as I squat slightly I pour water over my vagina and the stream and it helps a lot. I’ve also been sitting in baths throughout the day and I try to lay naked when I can. I don’t live alone and don’t have a lock on my door. It’s saturday evening nownive has some bloody discharge today. Not sure if that’s normal or not. Or if it’s from the blisters opening up...I just don’t feel like I’ve been healing yet. The pain is so uncomfortable and I just want to feel normal again I’ve read so many things for relief down there I tried aloe Vera but it didn’t help. I wish I had that cream but can’t do anything about thay for now. I’ve taken 4 doses so far. I really hope I can sleep through the night bc I haven’t rwally slept a good nights sleep all week. I pray that I feel better from this pain tomorrow that’s the first thing that’s botheinf me. But I’m srill dealing with the whole emotional part of it all. I really hope I can get through this. I’ve seen so many people be positive and I just feel so scared.

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Hi txgal, I'm new to the forums but I've had hsv2 for about 4 years. First, all of the emotions your going through are normal. We've all felt or still feel anger, shame, guilt and so many others it's like a roller coaster. Your first OB will be the worst. Not only are you dealing with the emotional aspect but the physical pain and discomfort are unbearable. My first OB was similar. It started with burning and itching. Then I had a fever and flu like symptoms and I noticed the blisters. That lasted a couple days and then blisters popped. That was the most painful part because they don't heal right away. They will ooze and discharge for a while before they finally scab over and start healing. My first OB lasted almost 2 weeks. I'm sorry I don't have any advice for a topical treatment. I will say that it does get better. Your OB's will be less and less severe as time goes on and take the Valacyclovir every day. Also, with a good support system you will learn to cope and realize your life isn't over and it doesn't define you. There will still be struggles(I'm still struggling with disclosing) but having people to confide in that understand what your feeling makes it easier.

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I read online that if you mix a little bit of coconut oil and tea tree oil and wait for it to become solid that you could use this to help with the pain down there. I couldn't sleep either so I went to my local pharmacy and I bought a sleeping medication that contained no alcohol and that doesn't have any addicting ingredients. I AM NOT A DR. so you might want to ask a doctor if it's safe for you to try these.

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