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First OB Pain is so bad..any at home remedies

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The pain is unbearable! I was diagnosed yesterday but have been dealing with it for about 6 days now. I’ve taken 4 doses of the medication my doc provided and he prescribed a cream but it was $900! I can’t afford that. I tried aloe Vera but nothing. I feel the blisters are just opening up more bc I’ve been very bloody today. I don’t have a portable Mirror so I can’t really check but I used my phone and the focus is a bit blurry but it looks like the blisters are opening up more. Is that normal? Anything I can do to relieve this. It hurts so much and I can’t walk right or lay down comfortablely :(

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Yes they open first then heal. The first ob is always the worst. It was very painful for me too. Just have to ride it out unfortunately but know it will never be this bad again


Typically the first is the worst but not always. My first was one blister. I’m on my second and I have fever, somewhere around 15-20 blisters all over and I’m having the op’s problem where it is hard to walk or lay or sit or stand without being in pain.



That being said I’ve heard sits baths using epsom salt is helpful and online they say you can use an ice pack to help relieve pain. I’ve heard great things about the sitz baths but haven’t tried it. It’s apparently good for drying everything out so it heals quickly.





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I hope this message finds you well and you are feeling better today.... Sorry to hear you're in so much pain... Believe me I know exactly how you feel.. For me it was like a stinging hot sensation. A real bad itch... Looks like a small hive forming.. Very painful and uncomfortable... At the moment I'm using aquaphor... Seems to help cool it off... I ordered some products online.. Will keep you updated if they work for me... I'm trying to understand triggers.... I believe everybody has different triggers... Today makes day 7 for me... I still have a deep sadness in my heart...


My opinion is that the reason why the outbreaks lesson is because people finally come to terms with it and don't stress it anymore... Constantly worrying about a body break out is very stressful..



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Thank you everyone for their advice. I can walk a bit better and if I move slowly I can find a comfortable position in bed. I started with Epsom salt baths and it could be that it’s helping or it’s just time taking it’s course. I really don’t know. I’m trying to make the best of it as of now. I still can only urinate in the shower though it burns but not as bad as before so that’s good. I’m on day 7 now of my first OB

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The epsom salt baths helped me get through first OB and I continued until all the signs of OB were gone— even a bit past sores going away. Once each evening. I also found that warming a small bit of coconut oil (just to melt) and then applying with q-tips to each sore was helpful after drying from the bath. I only did the oil in the evening as well.

I’m new to all this as well so don’t have much experience but these two things really made a difference. Pain had me bedridden and missing work too! Hoping I don’t experience that again, now on suppressive meds at least for time being.

Hope you find relief soon!

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