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Transferring to my partner that also has HSV -1

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My partner and I are both infected with HSV-1 genitally.


My first outbreak was in 2014 and it was pretty bad but since then I’ve only had like 4 more… each quicker and less severe than the last. However, they have seemed to “migrate” further back along my genitals. The first one was near the front of my vagina and then last one was near my perineum.


Earlier this week I started feeling some tenderness and itch at the top of my butt crack past my butthole… I didn’t think much of it and thought it might be irritation from my underwear. But I took a Valtrex just in case. Yesterday, I looked and couldn’t really see anything in terms of sores or redness. Today, I decided that it most likely wasn’t an OB. Regardless, my boyfriend performed quick oral sex on me today and now I’m really worried that I might have infected him orally. He didn’t really get anywhere close to the suspicious outbreak, but afterwards I started getting really nervous. I looked at the area again and now it seems like it could be an OB because the are red spots on the itchy area.


So my questions are:

1. Can HSV-1 migrate so far up my butt crack like that? Is that normal?

2. If he already has HSV-1 genitally, can he become re-infected orally by giving me oral sex during/ close to a potential outbreak?

3. How large is the contagious area when experiencing an outbreak? If you’re having an outbreak is the entirety of your genitals contagious?


Thank you so much for all your help and let me know if you need any additional information.

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I’m not sure so much about question two but yes it can go past your anus. I’m having the issue at the moment. From what I read is that since your butt, vulva, and thighs share the same set of nerves you can develop blisters in any of those areas. So pretty much if it’s down there it can be fair game. As far as transmitting I. Believe it’s possible to transmit from genital to oral and back But I’m not sure if it’s the can day when they already have it Genital wise.


I’m only on my second outbreak so I don’t have a ton of info but passing on what I read.

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