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Does herpes contribute to Alzeimer's?

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Notice what happens when any of you read this ... Does it add to the bad feelings of what it means to have herpes? Is this another perfectly good reason to be depressed/angry/sad about having herpes? Notice your reaction. Or is yours the reaction of "Ah, it is what it is. Interesting."? Fascinating to notice this reaction for yourself. When I read it, I chuckled ... You see, I have a bad memory myself, so now I have something to blame it on. ;) But seriously though, this is another perfect example of something that may or may not happen in the future, just like if someone were to reject or accept you sometime in the future. If we spend our time worrying about it, it wastes our time. Who's to say whether or not you will actually get Alzheimer's from herpes or otherwise? And why worry about it if it does? It really is what it is. And that's all it can be.

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Just feelin' bummed lately; like you said, my reaction was that this is just another perfectly good reason to be depressed/angry/sad over herpes.


Tryin' to shake out the negative feelings but they don't seem to be going anywhere fast. I know life wasn't perfect before H, and won't be perfect with it either. Just trying to learn to deal with the overwhelm of all the insecurities and deeply buried feelings it has brought to the surface.


"What is to give light must endure burning."



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So does this mean people with hsv2 only are in the clear? :-/ I didn't know herpes can be found in our brains either I thought it based in your spine? Regardless, considering 80 percent of people have hsv1 the chances of finding it in Alzheimer's patient must be very high so this news isn't too startling

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HofG, I love your honesty (and the quotes you share...they are so awesome). And I can empathize with those days where you feel like it's just too heavy and you wanna get off the ride already. I know I've found it fairly shocking to discover how many layers of self-loathing, shame, guilt, self-doubt, etc... can be unlocked through this experience. Like, how were we even able to walk around with so much crap weighing us down, right?! But you're doing it! You've chosen the healing path....otherwise, you wouldn't even be on this forum. Take comfort in knowing you're not alone....we all have good days and not-so-stellar days . The key is having some tools in your tool belt to help you through the rougher ones (like this forum ;) ). Sending you a big ol' virtual hug! xo Beckie

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Thank you Beckie. I am so grateful that tools like this forum exist, and that there are so many strong, beautiful people out there (like yourself, and many others here) to lean on and look up to when times get tough. It inspires me (and even gets me a little emotional at times...but then again, what doesn't) that so many people care so much, even when they have no clue who the person on the other end is.


And you are right... I really had no idea how much crap I still had weighing me down until this happened... I thought that because I was at a stage in my life where I felt "happy" that that meant the days of despair and self-loathing were over. This has been a HUGE wake-up call.


& Moveon... Lol @ your comment :P


Big hugs & blessings to you all ... xoxo

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I love how this virus has brought us together in community. I love how we can share our truest feelings, our biggest fears, our darkest and most vulnerable selves and know that we will be heard, we will be loved and we will be accepted and supported. And these are the days that I thank God and the Universe for this little virus of mine because without it, look what I would be missing out on. Look at all the love, support and friendship I would not have and share in. My life is so much richer and all because of a virus. I need to thank my giver, Earl. As much as he took away from me, his gift of herpes has actually made my life better. I'll bet he didn't count on that! There really is a design to this whole thing called life. It's not quite so random as we might think.

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I am for sure not thankful to the person that gave me this... absolutely NOT!!! I refuse to make this a way to let them off the hook! I feel sorry for them and at the best of the times I feel compassion and that is the biggest gift they can receive. To be so selfish and self centered (speaking of those that KNEW they had it) and didn't care enough?!


There is nothing good about having herpes... I give no power to it. However, I am thankful for the people in my life who shares the same path and has helped to make it lighter, to learn together to be stronger and to SMILE! but at the same time to care about the people that lays eyes on us and decides they are important and then we disclose.........................................


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I agree that herpes itself doesn't deserve to be glorified, nor does it deserve to be vilified either! It just is. And ultimately it is what we make it. I am thankful for the awareness and consciousness that allowed me and all of you to realize all the bullshit stories and beliefs that I was believing (I'm not lovable, I'm not worthy, etc.) ... I'm proud of myself and all of you who have recognized that WHO WE ARE is more important than herpes, that we have the power to choose where we put our attention, and hence the experience we create for ourselves.


Moveon, what jumped out to me about what you said is to ask you this: What are you getting by not letting him off the hook? By choosing to hold on to the anger, the revenge, all that energy, how does that feel for you? It reminds me of the idea that anger toward someone else is like us taking poison and expecting the other person to die.


And HCTS, that's another video I actually have shown on the H Opp weekend! ;) We're really on the same page, darlin' ... ;)

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Adrial! :x


Love the feedback - let me correct myself when I say I would not let him off the hook LOL (Oh I am laughing) no revenge at all - having him OFF my life has been the greatest blessing ever - I will just refuse to thank him - is like SERIOUSLY? I would have lost my mind to do that.... there is nothing to thank for being that way...


Anger presents itself momentarily like tonight when someone else tells me how wonderful I am but no thank you, their fear to get herpes is big. (And I dont blame them)


Can't wait to Friday!

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