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Relationship Troubles

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In March, I got a full STD panel done, and I was told I was all clear, except for HPV high risk from my pap (I was told it clears up on it's own/ there were no abnormalities in my cervix). During that time I started a relationship with a guy that I had been talking to for about three months. Fast forward to last month, I'm at my doctor doing a follow up for having walking pneumonia, and in passing she goes, " everything looks good, and oh yeah, you have HSV2". At first, I didn't think about what she said and just left. However, when I was driving, it clicked. I was extremely pissed off and upset. For some reason the doctor didn't inform me for 3 whole months!! This is especially messed up because when she saw I had HPV previously, she immediately called me when she got the results. Also after this visit,she hasn't been helpful at all and has basically ignored my calls and concerns. She just gave me a prescription for whenever I have my first outbreak. (Note; My Igg was 7, so I've had it for probably a year by now, and I'm just asymptomatic)

Also, during those three months, I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend multiple times. The day I found out, I  immediately called and told him what happened. I explained to him how I had never had symptoms, and that all my previous test had come back negative (they were probably doing the IgM test/ the timing was off). He was shocked of course, and expressed how he was concerned about his health/ mentioned breaking up in passing. 

Since then he has continued to text me/talk on the phone every day like nothing has happened, and I don't know what's going on with him. I think he might be in denial because he still hasn't gone in and gotten checked. I think he assumes he automatically has it now, and he doesn't want to confirm it. This is concerning for me because  I've told him multiple times that there is a good chance he doesn't have it, and I want him to know his status so he can make an informed decision about our relationship.

Lastly, we live about an hour away from each other, so we haven't seen each other in that time. At this point I don't know where this relationship is going.  I don't know if I should just be up front and ask him what he wants now and cut my losses or just wait and see where the chips fall.

Any advice or thoughts on this would be super helpfu;.


**Sidenote: My doctor also went against CDC recommendations for the HPV test. I'm 25, and you aren't supposed to get tested for it until you turn 30/ have warts **


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Keep in mind, he could have given this to you! Maybe he knows he has it or maybe he doesn't either way, it could have come from him. The fact that he hasn't been checked sort of speaks for itself. That's just my oppinion. Anyone who is freaking out (per say) and threatening to break up, likely would get checked asap. Just sounds a bit suspicious to me. 

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