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Hello I need some answers I have been depressed and crying these past 2 days because I’m not understanding my results since 2016 I have always tested negative for hsv2 my last test this year was in February I have slept with someone one time unprotected on July 1  three weeks after having one sexual encounter I took all needed std testing including the hiv rna test all came back negative except hsv2 with range level of 1.5 which falls in the equivocal level could I have encountered hav2 from this person from a one time unprotected encounter the dr prescribed me acyclovir for 10 days 3 times a day but says I could have been exposed but not infected which I don’t know what that means I’m so afraid I even called out of work because I cannot focus I have told the guy he said his test has been negative which I could care less because I never go this result I just want to know does this mean am I truly positive or is there anyway it could be a false positive why would dr prescribe me medicine if test clearly doesn’t say positive I’m going to upload a picture of my results as well please help me I’m so depressed I never want to catch any kind of std especially incurable when I was honest I also sent him all my lab work so I know I’m clean 


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I’m not a doctor and not in the medical field at all, but what I learned from my own experience is that it takes time for antibodies to build up and show conclusively in the blood work.  My doc was not well informed about this, and maybe others are unclear too?  It helped me to read and research for myself when what I heard didn’t make sense to me, and to follow my own knowledge of my health.  I am so sorry you’re confused and scared. You are brave to seek support here.

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Hello! Sorry for the delay in replying... life have taken me away from here (and will continue to do so for awhile so my replies will be sporadic)

It takes a lot longer than a few weeks for antibodies to build up so I'd ignore this test. If you were going to a GP, STOP. GP's are not (IMO) the people to go to for our private parts. Especially women (unclear if your are a woman or man..LOL). The fact that they gave you meds with no symptoms tells me they have no clue about the HSV virus anyway. Sadly many doctors are woefully misinformed and/or behind the times with the protocols.

If you are a woman, go to an OBGYN (if this was an OB, change doctors) in about 4-6 months and get retested. If you are a guy, I'd go to a STD clinic or Planned Parenthood. They have a better chance of being better informed than a GP.

Hope that puts your mind to rest... whatever the result, HSV isn't the end of the world.... it just means that you need to get smarter and more informed about safe sexual practices.... and it can even help you weed out people who wouldn't be good for you in the  end.


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