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The little cut that keeps coming back!

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I'm very depressed. I am a 38 year old female and have HSV1 gentially.  I had an OB back in June.  1 lesion.  Before that I haven't had anything for 4 years and it was different.  I have been on daily Valtrex for years.  My outbreak 4 years ago were  blisters then, now it's just 1 small cut.  Every time I let the 1 lesion heal, my husband and I have sex and it opens again. It's annoying. I am on daily valtrex and I take Lysine & try and eat well, sleep well, blah blah and nothing. I'm so upset right now. Nothing helps. No amount of lube helps. I'm convinced I will never be able to have sex again.

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This happens to me too I’m not sure that it’s considered an out break or not but I really don’t understand it either. If you find an answer please share. It’s usually after we have sex two days in a row I’ve had it 5 years and my first was blisters but I also had one a couple months ago that we’re blisters 

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I actually also get this! It's very painful at the most random times, too- not always during sex, but while sitting or if I open/twist my leg a certain way it lets me know I have a cut-like thing there. I try to make for easier bowel movements (to relieve pressure in the whole area- I've just had problems with this in the past) and healthier eating too, and make sure to keep it clean. I can usually get it to heal for a few days, a few weeks at best but it does come back eventually. My first outbreak was like this, like a paper-cut almost but this I really do think is different somehow because of it's duration, but I don't know why or how. It doesn't bring on the other symptoms of an outbreak or maybe getting used to them? I also take daily Valtrex, more than a year or so. Best of luck, let me know if anything else works.

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Hi @Sab123 @gracie - I was wondering if you guys have any updates? I am still having these issues.  It went away for a few weeks and thought I was home free, then got a chest infection and it happened again.  Same spot.  Tiny cut that healed basically overnight.  I'm still taking Valtrex and Lysine supps, have a reasonably good diet.  Try to eat well.  I'm so over it! 

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hey @Jackattack- recently mine has gone away, and I've seriously increased my fiber. Went to the GI and they diagnosed me with an anal fissure - not sure if that's exactly what this was or could have contributed to it because I'd always had bowel issue- i think it just made everything worse/more tender down there, but I haven't had many problems since I started taking a fiber supplement!! So it's worth a shot??

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