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Question about herpes medication

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I don't have medical insurance. I am not currently having a outbreak but I am going on vacation next week and would like to have some acyclovir or something to bring with just in case. Does anyone have any suggestions about a way to get some without costing me and arm and a leg or of any other otc medications that work. Thank you!

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Hey SE!


Read this article first and then if you have any other questions, let us know!



And to answer your specific question, Acyclovir is super cheap if you get it through big box stores with pharmacies like Kroger or Wal-Mart. I think I paid something like $40 for a 3-month supply. But be clear on why you're taking the medication if you're not with a partner you're protecting and if your body is already starting to develop antibodies against future outbreaks. (Think about it: If you only have 1-2 outbreaks per year that last about a week, you're medicating every single day just to avoid those few days of discomfort.) You don't HAVE to take medication. There are only 2 reasons to take meds. All of this is in the article above, but it's important you know that. Any medication over the long term will hurt your liver, so take medication wisely only if you have a good reason. Just my 2c. :)

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I think I am having an outbreak now..there are blisters that are itchy but I am not taking any medications..I don't have medical insurance yet..I'm just taking L-Lysine, vit C, and vit B complex. This is okay, right? My doctor back in the Philippines said it's okay not to take any medications because it will just go away.

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So I was given valtrex as well as the zovirax cream.. the dose of valtrex I got last week wasn't strong enough so my reg Dr gave me a higher dose to take this week.. but I'm just wondering if there's any benefit to using the cream. It doesn't seem to be making any difference

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There are a whole bunch of natural remedies and creams that some say work for them and other say are a bunch of hooey. :) Use what works for you and don't use what doesn't work. I personally haven't seen any benefits to using any sorts of creams. But if you look under the "Natural remedies" heading of this article, there are a whole bunch of ideas that members of our community have given. Feel free to use any of these to see if they work for you!


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