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How come my partner has tested negative.

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Been with partner for 3 years. He said test came back igg hsv1 0.35 and hsv2 0.53. We always had unprotected sex. He has lupus and take hydrochloriquin when he remembers. I don't understand how he is negative. Symptoms were almost a year before confirmed positive for me. 

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Are you asking because you have herpes and assume that since you're having unprotected sex that your partner will definitely get it? If so, that's not quite the case. Of course, it increases the *chances* that your partner would be passed herpes, but there are plenty of couples out there who don't pass herpes to their partners, even if they're having unprotected sex (my wife being one of them). 🙂

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it’s hard - I’m taking Valtrex every day - I’m also dating a new person & I’m sooooo sacred to tell him, instead I just decided to take Valtrex every day. I’m just soooo embarrassed & scared that he’s gonna get it . I got herpes from my husband of 21 years after oral sex - he had a cold sore ughhhhhhh we were young & stupid ... & I’ve been on Valtrex on & off since . Mine OB r on little bump usually on my rectum ughhhhh so I’m hoping me taking Valtrex every day & not having OB on the vaginal area should reduce the risk, ughhhhhh..... embarrassed & scared to death 

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I get it, Sonny. I have HSV 1 and 2 and my ex-husband of 15 years never got it. I found out after the divorce and he tested negative, which meant I picked it up before we met and I was simply unaware of my status for all of those years. No one knows why transmission happens with some and not others, but our situation is far more common than you’d think!

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Hsv is tricky and sneaky.

As stated above, just because you have it, doesn’t mean you have transmitted it.  Before I officially knew my status and knocked my brain to see how long I had it, I also went unprotected in some of my longer time relationships and did not transmit.


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