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Swabs Tested Positive for HSV-2 but partner has no symptoms. What do I do next?

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I'm a mid 20s female and my test results came in yesterday confirming HSV-2. Now to give you a backstory, my partner and I have had somewhat of a rocky relationship over the last year and a half but it was mainly due to personal and financial issues and there have been no instances of infidelity. Three weeks ago I spent the night at his place where we had intercourse, and I felt a developing strep throat the next day which I attributed to drinking the night before and weather changes. Over the next couple of days my throat got worse & I also felt painful bumps forming around the groin which I assumed was hormonal since I occasionally do get a pimple here and there before my period. By the next week I had a full blown fever and was on my period at the same time, and it was only after I got off my period that I noticed the bumps around my crotch were turning into clusters. This is when I decided to go the nearest health clinic where I was immediately diagnosed with herpes and prescribed a 10 day dosage of acyclovir and the bumps have almost cleared up now while I am on day 10. Since this is my first outbreak I am unsure of what tests and precautions to take next as I did not receive much advice from the clinic and the nurse was quite nonchalant about the entire situation.

My partner went in to a different clinic upon my diagnosis where they only tested him based on appearance & did a urine test for STDs claiming he was clean. Even though they did draw my blood, my report only mentions that my swab tested positive for HSV-2 so they did not check for HSV-1 & the pap smear shows some cell abnormality owing to the herpes outbreak. My partner is adamant that my outbreak flared up from having acquired it in the past and not from our recent encounter. I would like to go in for further diagnosis for both of us in case he is asymptomatic even though he believes that it is just a virus like a cold that I happen to have out of nowhere and also that because I am 'infected' we shouldn't be in a relationship. I have been looking into PCR & Igg tests that can be done to possibly determine if either of us has been recently infected or has been a carrier all this while. Any advice on further tests and care would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

- Stressed & Depressed

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Hey all, since this message I’ve just had sporadic itching all over my groin area that I thought was just part of the healing process but now I see another bump where I had my first OB earlier. Do I have to get myself a prescription each time I have lesions or do subsequent outbreaks go away on their own? 

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It’s 50-50. Some outbreaks work well with antivirals but personally I see more unsuccessful stories. The most successful comes from natural ways such as vitamins/supplements. Itching and tingling are onset signs but itching can also be the sign at the end too; just depends. Look up the stages of herpes. Most of my answers are found through my own research as opposed to forums because ppl either don’t respond or respond weeks later. 

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