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Convinced I have GSHV1. Experts and doctors are not

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Hi all,

So long story somewhat short....

My wife has GHSV1. I accidentally gave it to her performing oral sex back before we knew this was ever possible. This was over 10 years ago and confirmed via swab.

I’ve been told by several doctors and experts that it’s both impossible or HIGHLY unlikely for me to ever acquire Genital HSV1 since I’ve had it orally since I was about 5 years old with one visible outbreak per year.

BEFORE I accidentally infected my wife I had a brief rash in my pubic area however the doctor said it was nothing and it cleared shortly.  

Until about 2 months ago I’ve never noticed anything.

Then two months ago I start feeling a bit irritated down there while at the beach. I have fair and sensitive skin. I looked and there appeared to be almost a very slight heat rash with a few more noticeable flat pinkish spots. I monitored them and they never raised or pussed or filled with fluid that I saw.  

However I was paranoid and went to my primary care who assured me it was nothing and looked like a grown hair or folliculitis.... I also saw a dermatologist a few days later who barely looked and said it’s nothibg.

Then a few more red spots seemed to appear about a week and a half later and are much more noticeable when I get warm... especially after working out. I THEN went to urgent care and once again she said it was nothing.  

Then went back to my original doctor who was out but the on call doctor said if theee previous doctor said it’s nothibg and over 3 weeks went by then I have to trust them.  

Things seemed to get better for about a week after....

Then it all started back up again.... I noticed a VERYYY CLEAR set of red bumps below my belly button after working out and rushed to my doctor. He told me he was 100% sure it wasn’t herpes or STI but looked like a bacterial infectious and gave me meds. The spots disappeared within two days but then another red spot seemed to appear in the pubic area and the meds didn’t work.  

All of these spots painless however I do notice tingling often in my pubic area especially when I get hot and sweaty.  

Now I feel like I notice a little bit of redness inside the tip of my penis. At this point Idk if I’m being paranoid or if this is never ending herpes.

To note the first time symptoms lasted for about a month.

Seemed to be better for 4-5 days then it started again and now it’s been another 2 weeks and I just started noticing this irritation on my penis tip 5 days ago.

Does this seem like herpes? Something else? Are my doctors right that it’s extrenelt unlikely to be genital hsv1 since I’ve had oral hsv1 since a kid. I’ve had a FULL std panel done and everything was negative except for hsv1.  They’ve also said it looks nothing like herpes but also haven’t looked at my penis since I just felt like I started noticing irritation there a week ago.

theres absolutely no pain when i urinate and it seems odd for this to be going on so long (for about 2 months now) if it is GHSV1 especially since I know I’ve had oral HSV1 since childhood and haven’t had any cold sores during that time.  I’m just beyond paranoid and really want to know what this is and if it could be genital hsv1.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

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