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Kids and marriage

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Im recently diagnosed, and have discussed with my boyfriend that im not going to be using any medicine and to be as natural and carefree (while being careful) as I was before. He does that mind that I have it and has been so supportive. He is getting tested as im sure after a year of us being together he has contacted it.

I know you can still have kids and such, but when going to the obgyn during your pregnancy do they treat you differently? I know that in the last trimester I would have to take pills to help reduce chance of outbreak, but other than that is there a reason I would feel different, or out of place? 

Thanks for the help! Just want to hear the light at the end of the rainbow so to speak.


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Hey @Sahansom and welcome!

First off, if your OBGYN treats you any differently because you have herpes, go to a different gyno. 😉 Of course there are the precautions that any gyno would take in general, but those precautions are taken as a matter of course, not to single you out because you have herpes or anything.

And ultimately what's most important is to check your own thoughts and pre-conceived notions about what it means to have herpes. Remember: No one can make you feel a certain way if you don't already feel that way about yourself, so work on shifting your perspective around what it means to have herpes. Then, you can make sure that you aren't the one who might be making yourself feel out of place. Nothing is wrong with you. You're a human being with a skin condition. 

P.S. Congratulations on finding a supportive man! Enjoy your relationship! 

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Im feeling okay about everything. I understand that so many people have it. The only thing that sucks the the level of pain with an outbreak, but I've only had one and at the end of it. It was only really bad when I didn't know what it was or how to treat it. But at the peak of it I bought some cream, some pain relief spray, and figured out really quickly how to cope. 

Im hoping since I have a strong immune system and my first ob wasn't nearly as bad or long as I've heard others is (at the end of it-no more discharge, spots are starting to lightly bleed then scab over- have like two spots that im sure will be scabbed over tomorrow.) That I don't have often or painful obs after this. 

Im hopeful. My partner also thinks I won't have too often of obs either. Im thinking I've had it for years and just never know. What can you do? 🤷🤷

In a way it's been an awaking period. Im learning to care and love myself again, and it's been a long time since I've felt that. My hygiene is the best it's ever been. (Not that I was filthy before) and I just have a general feeling of well being even with my sores happening.

Sorry for the rant. Thanks for the lovely advice 😊

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My wife and I both have type 2. Mine is very aggressive. We got pregnant, and all of the fears and despair came roaring back instantly. I went too very appt with our ob. She did not care or treat us any differently. If anything I wanted her to be more concerned. She did not recommend a C section, and my wife started daily suppressive therapy in the 3rd trimester. She has had only a few minor outbreaks. When our son was born vaginally it was all I could do not to ask for a microscope to inspect him. He is completely healthy. I have to watch any areas and cover when I hold him or change him. But I make it work. You will too. 

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