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Depression could it be the valacyclovir?? Please help!

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So I’ve been diagnosed with Hsv1 and 2 back in May. I went through the outbreak with 10 days of 500 mg valacyclovir. I stopped taking the meds after 10 days and used supplements lysine, vitamin c and multivitamins. I began to have symptoms of an outbreak coming on last week and I immediately began my dosage of valacyclovir for 5 days. I am still struggling with the fact of my diagnosis but it didn’t seem as if I was thinking about it as much before. However since I’ve started the meds since last week, ivyfelt completely depressed with no motivation to do anything. Very tired and constantly beating myself up for catching this. I feel like a walking disease!! I am constantly washing my hands because I fear terribly contaminating my daughter. Can the medication make you feel like this? (Depressed, sad, no motivation, tired) I was considering staying on them just because it gives me a piece of mind of not having to deal with outbreaks (so in my mind it’s forgotten) but I don’t want to feel like this! I feel alone since I haven’t told anyone.

Also, i reconnected with a old friend who has always felt an attraction for me. I have been dodging calls and text because although it’s an amazing person, i know there are other interest. I also questioned if maybe my depression has come from not wanting to date anyone because i don’t want to have to disclose to anyone my condition. I’ve already decided I don’t want to date and rather focus on raising my daughter. However, knowing someone’s interest in me and knowing that I will not give anyone the time or day just because I’m afraid or rejection might also be the cause of my depression lately. Sorry for the long rant. I really want to feel back to normal and back to my happy self but seems like i take 10 steps forward and 20 back. 

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Hi, yes it can. I have been taking all 3 antivirals constantly for 4 years. Up to 4000mg a day at times. I am bipolar, and noticed that my depression episodes came on faster and stronger than normal. I've had to completely remodel my psych regimen to deal with this virus and the medication. Do you have any history of depression yourself or your parents? If so this can bring it out. Please get help, and tell your pdoc about your infection. Many understand what this can do to our minds and hearts. Wishing you all the best. 

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