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How Herpes can give you a renewed sexual confidence

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I have been thinking about this lately, and I have been feeling it yet for longer, so I wanted to share.

I have ups and downs, mind you. But the ups are getting more and more solid, and I feel a better person (sexier, manlier person) than the non-herpes me.

Having herpes has grounded me.

Without herpes I was a much more insecure person. Now, my destiny has been "cleared out" in that sense; I know I have it, and I have to live with it, and this gives me a new power, a combination of urgency, ferociousness (lol, sorry) and "destiny". It has reinforced my identity (and my sexual identity too) somehow. I have a much clearer self-image and grounded feel. I go straight to sexually conquer my partner now - as I didn't know how to do before. The feel of being "half-out-of-the-race" makes me stronger and more bold. Non-carriers can't know this sensation. You will rebound.

That's it any similar sensations are welcome as we can enrich each other.

Best to all,

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Aww I love this post !! Thank you for your words and your courage to fight the stigma and represent Some of the amazing new attributes we (H+) group have!  And like you said there are good days and bad BUT my good are getting so much more solid. Coming here has really began to empower me about this virus and I think it makes me SEXIER too! Lol.. 

*we will rebound*

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Yes, it's a similar experience for me, too. Beautifully said. It's that much more of a reason to flex those muscles of responsibility, integrity, care. And through all of that, trust grows ... which lays the foundation to amazing relationship. 

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@Next step, I will try to elaborate more on this on this thread in the future, because it's difficult to grasp but is something that I have learned and I have found very interesting - and it has wide implications in your life.

Additionally, other conditions or circumstances in life, different than herpes, can empower you the same way.

It's like when you are "cleared out", when your destiny is shaped by herpes, you are more defined than your pre-herpes self.

The more defined you are (the more concrete and shaped your destiny is), the more force you concentrate on your new life so you shine more brilliantly. Something like that.

Given the fact herpes is manageable in many cases, this isn't a complete disaster, but a semi-disaster that still gives you plenty of margin and potential.

I guess it has to work similarly for other people that have been hit with situations many times worst.

However I'll try to focus on the confidence / sexual part as it intrigues me, and will do some small writing.

Best regards to you,

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I'm really sorry to put a light hearted dampener on this thread 😄

But personally I can't get how having H, enriches you or makes you more secure etc but if it does so, that's great 🙂

For me though, I preferred not to have H & can not see any advantages to having it what so ever.
but it has not made me feel any less manly or anymore manly because after all, I am a man 😄

In fact it has not made that bigger change in my life apart from denying me the one women I fell hopelessly in love with
but then who knows, something else could of made that go wrong eventually anyway. (trying to look on the bright side 😄)
& also having an OB once a year & having to disclose & hope they don't contract it from me, but damn no empowerment yet!

There is certainly much worse things in life than having this & I think it is great that some people can take big positives from
negative situations & turn them around, so good for you!

Life is full of ups & downs, with or without H, just got be stubborn & to keep on going!

Peace, Love & Unity 🙂


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