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18, scared and feel alone.

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soo I got my first coldsore on Saturday - being my worst it’s onviously flared up heaps and looks horrible. 

Also felt pain in my Genital area, went to examine and I saw the sores myself, google doctored myself and put two and two together, went to get the test done to see if it’s HSV1 or HSV2. 

I just wanted to know if one is more frequent/serious than the other? I know they both aren’t something to be taken lightly I’m just a little scared as I’m only 18 and have only been in a relationship with my current boyfriend for about 5 months - he seems calm about it and shows no sign of leaving as well so that puts me at a bit of ease. I guess I just need someone to talk to as I’m too afraid to tell any of my friends in fear of judgement. 



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Hi. I’m not too sure about which is worse or more frequent than the other, as I only have HSV2. But don’t be scared of judgment: you don’t HAVE to tell anyone at all. It’s good that you’ve told your boyfriend and he’s supportive, but why do your friends need to know? Unless you tell them everything and want their support too, you can find heaps of support on forums like this, where everyone understands how you feel. I’m sure your parents & boyfriend have your back too. You’re still the same person you was before your diagnosis, having this virus changes nothing. Most adults already have the virus in one way or another, just not everyone shows symptoms. 

Be strong and do whatever is best for you. Drop me a message if you’d like to talk ❤️

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I felt I needed to comment as You’re the same age as my daughter you poor thing and I know I’m finding this hard enough at twice your age. You must be in a muddle but you’re far from alone. I’ve come on here to vent and talk ( perhaps a little too much in the last couple of days) but like you, I feel I can’t tell anybody aside from my partner, not even my best friend who knows my deepest darkest secrets. There will always be judgment by some and I don’t need that at the moment. I need love and care given how fragile I feel. Whether I’ll change my mind in the future or not... we’ll have to see but for now I’m not risking it. 

From what I’ve read and learned, ( and please anyone feel free to correct me) hsv 1 can have a worse first outbreak than HSV 2 but the recurrence rate and severity of outbreaks of HSV 1 tend to be much less than that of HSV 2. That being said, I think both strains have a mind of their own and there are always exceptions given we’re all individual with individual immune systems and genetic makeup. 

chin up lovely x

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