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So, I have been dealing with HSV2 for a few months now. The thing that stresses me out the most about it, is that I don't even know when I am having an OB until I feel the painful sores. So to rewind a bit, I noticed one sore, but then because I was fairly new to it all, I guess it spread and got worse. So I had them on the outward parts of my labias, on the right side of my butt and now I noticed I had an OB on my anus (Sorry for the details). I'm not understanding this whole process, I don't have the regular symptoms such as tingling, fever, throbbing pains, or any of such. I've only noticed when I had a bad case of the itch. Now after I think about it all, its so frustrating because I wish I knew the signs before the OB starts. I am on Valtrex, and will be on supressive therapy. If anyone could give me some insight and maybe a direction of how I can be on top of this. I've constantly had minor OBs since being officially diagnosed in May 2018. Lately I know that stress and poor diet triggers it. But what if you dont have any of the "normal symptoms"?

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Hi GG,

Welcome here, I am new here also, although I have been a club member for 35 years. I am so sorry you have just been diagnosed.

If I recall correctly back to when I was first infected, until your body adjusts, the outbreaks will rage on with no rhyme or reason for a while. Even as the Earth formed, it was a pretty hostile environment, I like to think of it in those terms. This thing came from somewhere, somebody got it first and as is the case with all infectious diseases, until there is a terminal medical response to the virus  (and there seems to be some hope in the near future) take the medication. You already know some of the triggers, that's good. When I got this, there were no smartphones, no internet and no Valtrex. Hell's bells, the microwave was something people thought the Queen did.

Your station in life doesn't make you immune from the virus, that's why there are medical professional members here with a lot of useful information. I've learned more in 24 hours than I knew in 35 years.

The suppression meds are a good idea. My doctor told me a couple of years ago, while convincing me to take Valtrex, that transmission was possible without an outbreak unless you are doing your best to keep the virus under lock and key. He didn't mention homeopathic remedies, just the "blue pony" (Valtrex). I, like you, ride it every day. I shared this curse with someone I cared for deeply, shortly after being diagnosed. Not my finest hour and an unforgivable tragedy.

I've had H long enough that it finally settled down and only once every year or two I would experience lengthy, painful outbreaks lasting 4 or 5 weeks. I knew when the virus was getting ready to go on stage as I had extreme pain in my groin, like being kicked there. I always found that humorously ironic. I find now that I go along pain and worry free unless I stop taking the medication and the outbreaks will reoccur within a day or two. I work in remote locations as written in another post, so once in a while, even with planning ahead, I run out of medication.

I've accepted my situation and recently (2 or 3 years ago) accepted the advice of a doctor and take the suppression medicine.

I won't every get over what happened to me and wouldn't wish it upon anybody else. We can only choose to be well informed and vigilant not to keep it going, by passing it on.

Keep the faith Sister. Sorry if this sounded like I was preaching, not my intent.

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