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HSV2 is new

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I’ve had HSV1 since 1995 above my eyebrow. My HSV1 result is 54.60...well, I felt off and had stomach pain so I went ahead and ordered an HSV2 test on July 12 (I had other blood work I needed done and added this to my lab). The last time I’d had sex was June 29 and before that was May 29. 

My HSV2 came back at 0.91 and my gynoPA said she thinks she saw a small, singular bump I had was a possible blister when she did the physical on the 26th.

I did have extra discharge leading up to this appointment, and mild itchiness but I figured it was a yeast infection and just got the test to quell my fears.

is 0.91 a definite positive? Why does it say equivocal? I know what HSV1 is like but didn’t notice ANY similar symptoms. Me n the dude I’ve been fornicating with aren’t a couple, and he told me he went down on a girl when he went home for a week, and has one other fwb who he’s been seeing longer. Can he have gotten it orally? Will Valtrex be a part of my life forever now!?

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@MsTaken lab report info I read say equivocal means indeterminate - Repeat testing in 10-14 days may be helpful.

You'll have to decide what type of therapy you want to do to manage the virus, daily suppression of for outbreaks. 

I'm new to heros life (just a month old) and decided to try outbreak treatment for awhile see how that goes. I read if you are sexually active or in a relationship, suppression therapy may make more sense to keep the shedding low (I'm not getting any so not an issue for me there lol) or if the outbreaks are extreme or really bothersome. Mr hopp has really good articles.

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@SeraLyn I definitely started Valtrex right away, and will continue to do so for at least 18 months. I take 2 a day for outbreaks or 1 a day for suppression therapy. I’ll probably re-test next month as that’s my 6 month std screen anyways (all sexually actively people should be screened every 6 months when not monogamous). 

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