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Foot Herpes...

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So this is new...I think I have a herpes on my foot too 🤔 

Now that I recognize the signs better, I know I'm starting episode 2 and I have this feeling of constantly stepping on a rock in my left foot. When I had my first episode I thought I had an ant bite cuz the same day my dogs and I got attached by biting ants. Well don't think that was the case at all now lol.

It's just one spot in the bottom of my foot that's a little tender, oddly enough, only when within is in it (when I lift my foot to look for damage the sensation stops). I can even press on the spot the blister is without pain (normal?)

Anyone else get flare ups in the less coming areas? Not much to do but let the meds take their course, just curious.


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Hey @SeraLyn! I highly doubt you have foot herpes, simply because the thicker the skin, the less possibility of the virus manifesting an outbreak there. Do you have any reason to believe that your foot got infected somehow? The virus certainly wouldn't start from the basal ganglia of your spine and travel down the nerve pathways of your leg all the way to your foot and then manifest as an outbreak. 

I know that when I first got herpes, I felt like EVERYTHING was an outbreak. I had irrational thoughts wondering if my breath would infect other people ... But it's really important to understand the science behind herpes so that the irrational thoughts don't get the best of you. In this way, knowledge really is power. Knowledge gives you the power to be able to control your worries better. 

I highly recommend Teri Warren's free e-book to get a full understanding of the virus and how it works. Here's a direct link to that: 

Note: This is for informational purposes only. This information does not constitute medical advice or diagnosis.
I'm not a medical professional, so please take this as friendly peer support. 

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The timing, reaction & visbile evidence of the sore on my foot are consistent with other images and information I've found about herpes on the foot, including Westover Heights - see link below where Teri even says she has seen outbreaks occur on the foot.

Quote, "Genital HSV-2 can['t] show up over and over again in the same location and it appears to be the case with you with the recurrent location being your foot. I have seen people with genital herpes have outbreaks on their foot in the past."

This is not an irrational or worrisome thought getting the best of me, as I said, not much to do but take the meds. I simply asked if anyone else had similar issues.

I don't think EVERYTHING is an outbreak and did quite a bit of due diligence on this specific topic & educated myself in general before even posting.



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Hello there.. Hope you are feeling better. I would like to comment that while a single spot on the foot would be less likely but an infection there cannot be ruled out. I know @mr_hoppAdrian might disagree but I have been frustrated with every new outbreak as it continues to involve new areas of my nervous system. The most recent of which being the peripheral nerves of both my hands and feet. Both have been on fire! And these are two new involvement sites and possibly of the worst to have. I have it in my throat, inner ear, more recently hands and feet and I think it has reached my eyes (I developed floaters and flaring during an outbreak) and brain. 

Herpetic whitlow is a well known manifestation of the virus and it occurs through thick skin as well (typically palms). I hope you are not having a spot that will recur.

This virus is evolving. We shouldn't be stuck with the narrated symptomatology of the "usual" scenarios. The rise of resistant strains is evident and resultant "unusual" involvements should be carefully evaluated. 

By the way.. Do you have have HSV-1 OR HSV-2? Thanks 

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@benzgtx hey there. I am so glad you commented!!

I'm actually waiting for my response to Adrian's post to be approved where I provided a link from Teri's site where she said she has seen outbreaks on the foot just last year. The immediate dismal of my question as "irrational" really irked me. 

Anyway, thank you & I'm really sorry to hear about your movement. I am team GSHV-2 two months now.  I'm feeling fine (so far). The two outbreaks I've had have been pretty mild and just these two locations ( again, wasn't even sure the foot was related until the same spot got sore the same time I felt the prodrome (seriously, what a odd word).

I'll probably go talk to an infection doctor to see the likelihood of this continuing to spread 🤨 amd more info about the evolution. Since they both appeared at the same time, maybe they'll just stay put (I'm okay with that). However, considering my results came from a pap and not a swap, I may just be really, really special 😊🤪

If I may, how long before you noticed new outbreaks in non traditional locations?

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@SeraLyn, hi just thought I would chime in here and say that I was diagnosed with H late last year and for the first few months or so I felt a slight numbness on the soles of my feet.  It has been a few months since that sensation went away.  I guess we can feel things all the way down to our feet being infected genitally.  Weird but I guess it can happen.  

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@SeraLyn nah I just had the sensation but no blisters thankfully.  Herpes is so mysterious and really does behave differently in everyone.  I've read so much about it especially on this forum and Terri Warren's forum.  I've learned a lot more than I ever thought I would about herpes.  It can present itself in so many different ways. 

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@SeraLynby all means!

I am team hsv1. The funny thing is that I started to have back to back genital outbreaks for 3 months, then immediately after, I got the inner ear involvement manifesting as vertigo. The eyes about 11 months after the first outbreak. And now with the hands and feet about 16 months after the first outbreak. It's just continuing to invade and invade non stop with me being on Valacyclovir 1g daily. Doctors say it cannot be but it's there in the literature and they're just not updated enough on the most recent studies that unveil the true nature of constant reactivation of this virus. 

I think by now I have a high viral load which complicate things as all of these areas flare together in addition of course to some urethral burning but never classic sores. There are small, single separated ones that appear in the areas of maximal flare up. 

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Hey there @SeraLyn!

I certainly apologize for that! I hope you can forgive me. As you can imagine, there are a whole lot more folks who come on these forums with new herpes infections assuming they then have herpes all over their bodies, and we need to dispel that false worry. But the link you sent from Terri is super helpful in understanding that the feet has the same innervation as the genitals! (You learn something new every day.) 

Note: This is for informational purposes only. This information does not constitute medical advice or diagnosis.
I'm not a medical professional, so please take this as friendly peer support. 

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I have a vague memory of another person on this site that got outbreaks on a foot. His foot became infected before his antibodies built up. I believe it was @harrytheherp. I'm not having luck with the search function in finding any of his old posts. Its been a few years since he last posted. Hopefully someone here more tech savvy than me can find them.

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