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Why is there no condom designed for herpes?

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So many people have this condition. Why isn't there a kind of latex, um... diaper contraption that helps to more fully cover the genitals? Obviously you can't cover everything, so there would still be a risk, but wouldn't people feel a lot safer if there was something that more adequately created a barrier between the vulva and scrotum/inner thigh? Honestly I doubt this would catch on with the general public, but for discordant couples (where one has it and one does not) this could be really, really useful.  

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39 minutes ago, beBravebeBOLD said:

Yeah I think that’s were the use of the dental damn plus condom comes into play.  That way you’ll have more coverage. 

Sorry if this is dumb, but I've never used a dental dam before. Are you saying you would use both at the same time?

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Lol not dumb at all I’ve never used a dental damn either but I believe a dental damn with a condom will give you the “herpes condom” protection you were thinking about.  A dental damn can be made out of a condom so it can be made as big as needed to cover whatever area you desire. And then yes the male could also wear a condom. I’ve never tried this but I think it could work right? 

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I was thinking this just the other day, then found that you had already said it. It seems like a missed market!

Also, Dental dams are extremely hard to find. I've never seen one in the condom area at any store...has anyone else? You have to buy them special online I think. And they're thick and severely limit sensation...

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Entrepreneurs with capital are missing a HUGE market. There was two initiatives, discontinued, that I heard of:

- Scroguard

- Scrotector

I myself thought about designing one along the lines of Scrotector, but with an extra whole for the testicles, that are (as far as I know) less risky when it comes to transmission (less friction). This way it would be easier to fit in (latex for the testicles sounds like too claustraphobic for our poor balls, at least for me).

Why aren't companies doing it? They are missing MILLIONS of dollars...

The thing is, you have to cover the base of the penis and you can only do it when you have a "ring"/"condom entrance" that touches the abdomen so it seals all the vulnerable skin.

What do you think people, should we start a campaing for that?

Note: I'm reposting this because the other message contained images and links and get caught as spam (I think).

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On Ali Express I found:

1) lots of different shaped/colored male condoms that have a testicle bag. Some of them look like super-thick, with textures, etc, more from the BDSM world. Other look thinner and more suited for normal practice, yet they all look a bit too much compared to a normal condom

2) full latex boxers / slips, some of them (again) thicker than others. Some of them made with silk (?). They have a bag for the penis.

On an indian website called Kaslus I found:

1) "Double hole condom" that would cover all of the penis shaft (and let the testicles "free"). Looks too thick.

Again on Aliexpress searching by "double hole condom" I found:

1) "Reusable penis sleeve extender delay ejaculation". Again, too thick. I would say proceed with CAUTION with those as ejaculation delayers can fvck you up your penis forever altogether. There's a famous Reddit post where a guy tells how using a penile ring destroyed his penis when he woke up the next morning...

Not sure what to think. I couldn't find something as discreet / thin as your regular condoms that won't freak out our partners... so the challenge is still there.

I may try a double hole one if it doesn't pressure it too much.

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I recently googled and there's a thing called VivaGel Condoms made in Australia that have on them a lubricant to kill herpes virus.

I guess those condoms would be good to kill virus on the female if she's infected, maybe also on the infected male I'm not sure.

(Which brings me to another thing: topical gels pre-sex to make sure you kill the creature if you were shedding asymptomatically. But that's for another thread).

However I'm intrigued about some condom that has a shape / overture in a way that completely covers the penile shaft, and I haven't yet found it (I only found "variants", that are more for fun than for protection, in Ali Express and Amazon).

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