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Herpes in the Black Community

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@Mercyme that's what gets me... the fact that they (medical system) just dismiss attempting to cure this. Moreso than living with it, that's what frustrates me. It seems like they're just fine with continuing to have an increase in these numbers and doing nothing for prevention besides make jokes. But that's my soapbox for today lol. In other words, mercy me, I agree 😊. I've only been hurt by two people's responses and my own mindset, and I can manage that. The distress is a lot more for some and I don't like that they're experience isn't honored by the medical community. 

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I just want to jump in as a white female who was given H at age 23 and I'm 63 now. You are all wonderful people who have a ton to offer!!! Hold your head high and own the notion that you are wonderful human beings. I promise someone will come along and not give a rats about your H status! It will happen. My late husband of 25 years (26 all together) didn't give H two thoughts as he was so in love with me. He never acquired herpes from me as we were very careful. I never felt it necessary to tell anyone I wasn't sleeping with about my status.  I disclosed a lot In my days leading up to marriage as there was no choice. No online dating and no computers! You just disclosed and went on. Most men just asked me to educate them. I've had an absolute amazing life and I don't expect that to change now.  I'm in excellent shape via weight training, I'm intelligent, out going own a farm and retired early. I have a lot to offer and I'm worth someone's time!!! I'm equally as happy on my own as well. 


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Hi @Sumshine

I loved reading your post. It's beautiful that your late husband was so accepting. That's how strong love really is!! Nothing can break it ❤️ (not even h!).

Also, it is so true about computers and online dating-- people dated and lived lives BEFORE them so they certainly don't need to solely rely on them at all!!! Also, being happy by ourselves is another thing to practice, as often times we think we are a half to a whole. But, you are whole whether you have a partner or not! We are all whole and worthy of love, partner or not! 

Thank you so much for your wonderful advice and insight!!

Sending happy blessings your way!! 🌄🌻

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