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Herpes symptoms?

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Out of curiosity, does anyone else get strange inexplicable nerve pains? I’ve been told that they could be a symptom of HSV2, but I can’t be entirely certain. I will occasionally get twinges of extreme localized pain in my extremities, but the worst is the pain in my skin. It’s an almost excruciating feeling sometimes, just on the surface of my skin. It can reach a point where it hurts to have a blanket or clothing touching whatever area is being affected, but a firm touch isn’t nearly as painful. It can happen anywhere too, but it does seem to happen near my inner thighs and labia majora more often than other places. It can cover anywhere from a few inches of skin at a time to both of my legs at once. Any similar experiences that you think may be herpes related?

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I am currently experiencing the same symptoms you have mention. I was diagnosed 4 years ago with GHSV-1. Right below my left knee, I have extreme hypersensitivity to clothes or when the sheets on my bed touch it. I was thinking its some type of neuropathy but wanted to see if my H could be causing it which lead me to your post. This pain described is what is called allodynia. I'm not a medical professional, but I am studying to be an occupational therapist and I learned about this term when learning about fibromyalgia. I am waiting to see the doctor just in case this pain will subside on its own, how are you feeling? has this pain gone away? I'm hoping its the H causing it if so I can see this as a symptom that come and go, if not I would need to find out what is causing it.

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Sorry it’s taken me so long to respond @acd820, but the pain does come and go. I’ve often found that it can even be followed by an outbreak. I actually looked it up maybe a year ago leaning toward the same conclusions you were (fibromyalgia/neuropathy), and discovered the allodynia diagnosis as well. I thought it perfectly described my symptoms. I’m glad someone else understands exactly what I’m talking about! Between my husband and I, I’ve been the most symptomatic of the two of us since he passed the virus to me a few years ago. At least I can be pretty sure this issue has just been another one of those symptoms and not related to a bigger problem.

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