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Pain that came with HSV 1

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So I've recently been diagnosed with HSV-1 . I'm sure that I received it about 6 months ago. I got my first actual lesion about a week ago which led me to get tested. But for about 4 months I've had sciatic pain which I'm now realizing has to be the virus (and not as a result of a spinal problem which I originally thought ) .

The pain usually begins in my inner thigh but also travels to the back of my left testicle . It goes other places along the left side of my body(never my right). Any insights or information would be greatly appreciated.

I do not have health insurance . I'm 25 and live with my parents , I also work for the post office but have not made a career position yet so no health coverage through work. Just looking for any information to guide me in the right direction . Thank you all, this is my first day as a member of this wonderful site and I'm glad I'm not alone . I hope to elaborate more on my pains as I get responses. 


Sidenote: I tested for HIV , chlamydia , syphilis, and gonorrhea, all negative as well as HSV 2 . Thank you all for responding in advance 💓

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Today I feel like that pain is hiding out in my urethra . Kind of feeling an urge to pee but don't really have much coming out . My urine has been regular as far as I'm concerned. No smell or burning , just a sensation at the tip . I know I'm overloading with information , just a Lil nervous I suppose . 

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Raymond what you are doing is letting your diagnosis turn you into a bit of a hypochondriac. That's very understandable, but nearly everything you are mentioning is easily attributable to other, more likely things. I'm sorry about your healthcare situation; it is hard without insurance or benefits, but be wary of Dr. Google. 

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@RaymondPlacido I disagree with @Ishmael. Leg pain is actually a very common symptom for many of us. You can check other posts and you'll see that a lot of ppl suffer nerve pain related to H. The pain in your tight I've hear people, specially men, describe it as "feeling like my skin is being teared". Now, I see the point Ishmael makes in not trying to tie everything to H, not only because it might not be related, but most of all not to cause yourself more stress. 

Without health insurance I guess your looking at getting vitamins and supplements to try to boost your immune system. I am guessing your H is genital, since you have leg pain. Some things that could possibly help you: lysine, immune boosters like ecchinacea, st. Johns Worth and grapefruit oil. Vitamins and minerals> magnesium, vitamin c and b complex. 

For the pain many people in this forum take aleve and other over the counter medicine. I've also read some people take lemon balm. 

Hope this helps.

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