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Second outbreak question

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In theory the first one is the worst. But I know many people who have varying degrees of recurrences. Some are mild and then some people just have horrible outbreaks here and there..  my first one was the worst, I couldn’t walk for about 3 days. 16byears down the line Ive never had anything as bad, but def had some ob’s close to it.  In general just know herpes acts different for everyone sometimes it won’t fall into the “herpes characteristics” so don’t stress if what you read isn’t exactly what you experience

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Hi @Girlneedinghelp! Like @beBravebeBOLD said, the first does tend to be the worst *on average* for most people, but ultimately the larger fact here is that on average, it takes 6 months to a year for the body to build up enough antibodies to start to really get a handle on its new roommate. So hang it there! It gets better. And here's an article/video that might help answer more questions: https://herpeslife.com/herpes-treatment/ 

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My first outbreak was the worst. Never had one that bad since. Over the years some outbreaks would be a little more severe than others. I'm 31 years down the herpes road now. I have not had an actual outbreak since July 2015. I have the occasional prodome but they don't seem to result in a full blown outbreak these days. (knocking on wood) So, yes, things will get better over time.

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Thank you, I’m just wondering could it be possible I have had an outbreak before and not noticed? My (what I thought was my first outbreak) was July this year and I could barely get out of bed was very sore very flu like and had lesions. I am just thinking though I thought I had a small spot before in March which now I’m wondering if it was a lesion.. it was just one though I didn’t really pay too much attention to it and I wasn’t ill or In pain or anything. It was on one of my bum cheeks though.. I don’t know? Is that possible?

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I just got diagnosed about a month ago, I felt just kind of out of it, felt lazy and generally not my normal. I have two sores. I went to the Dr and she said this doesn’t look like a primary outbreak. She thinks I’d had it for a while and didn’t know. I’m on the verge of my second (tingling, itchy, and my leg is really tingly). No sores yet. But I feel absolutely miserable. I feel way no flu-like now than I did now than when I was initially diagnosed. I suppose it all varies. 

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