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My hsv2 is spreading

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I have been diagnosed with HSV2 since may of this year. I shaved and noticed bumps eveywhere. At first I was told it was folliculitis by three different doctors until I took a blood test. Came back as HSV2. I was prescribed valacyclovir 1mg every 1 every 12 hours. Cool I followed directions, my supposed herpes bumps went away. Shaved again and did the whole thing again until it went away. Fast forward I don’t take The pills unless I see something. Now I have bumps those small bumps on my mouth and even on the water lines of my eyes! I breakout in hives not sure if this is because of The meds or what. My skin everywhere breaksout at times. I can’t twll what’s herpes and what isn’t. I went to the eye doctor freaking out, and he does The dye test. I ask if it’s herpes! He says hype dye would have told him but he sees no indication. He prescribes me eyedrop antibiotics and gives me systane drops. I still feel like I have it in my eyes and in my mouth. The doctors have all been wrong up until this point. I have an appointment with my new pcp that works with my Gyn. Do I request new meds? What do I do with my eyes and my mouth! It’s getting out of control!!!

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What are the bumps on your eyes and mouth like? I think once HSV finds a location on your body it generally tends to stick to there. I know that when I get stressed out I break out in rashes on my hands, eyebrows and lips. It's not herpes as I've had these rashes for years...could be what you have.

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the bumps on my mouth are tiny on the corners of my mouth and I noticed on my gums too. The same for my eyes. The bumps are on my water line and inside when you pull The lower lid down. It’s like clusters of little bumps. 

I also get hives everywhere on my body. It’s really frustrating. I have been doing everything to control it and it just is ten times worse 😕

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@JulyP Up until yesterday I was only advised to take my VALACYCLOVIR 1 every 12 hours when I noticed something which I did. 

I started taking Vitamin C 1000 yesterday. 

I'm really hoping what I'm experiencing is due to stress in regards to my eyes and mouth but I'm so worried its not because I was right about having HSV 2 when Doctors told me no. Now this.😥

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@browneyedgirl77 Take immune boosters something like ecchinacea, st johns wort or propolis. I think you might be depressing your immune system because you are too worried and that might be allowing for other virus and bacteria to attack you ... are you sleeping?? 

Whatever is happening stressing won't solve it. You are doing all you can to take care of this by going to the doctor, taking the meds and taking care of yourself. Try to relax so you can help your body heal faster. 

Also the amount of valacyclovir you are taking which amounts to 2 gr/day sounds pretty high. I developed weird rashes on my chest and arms when first prescribed the antivirals and had to adjust down the dosage. I am not sure that might be your case, but I'm sure you can talk to a doctor about it.  

Let us know how you are doing. xx


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2 hours ago, browneyedgirl77 said:

@Ishmael Hopefully not. My main concern are my eyes. I still have bumps on the inside of my lower lids and a pressure that is so uncomfortable. 

Hopefully I can get some answers at my next appointment

While herpes is uncurable, the treatment for eye herpes has advanced to the point that they can really help you out.

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