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Things could be looking up for everyone here in a couple years...

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Sorry if you all already know this or if this, but the FDA has fast tracked Pritelivir to phase III trials and it could be ready for the public in 2 years. So far the result have been VERY promising in phase II trials with human subjects, showing twice the supressive rate of current herpes antiviral medications and reducing shedding time in half as well. That, by itself, is very good news. There's a 50/50 chance that it fizzles out in Phase 3, but it does look promising at the moment and it passed phase 2 with flying colours. The fact that it has been fast tracked also means that phase 3 could be done with a lot faster than it usually is. 

Is this a cure? Absolutely not. HOWEVER, if Pritelivir has a cumulative effect with Valtrax it could mean that shedding and outbreaks are reduced drastically. For many of us, that could mean a significant improvement in the quality of life we enjoy in relation to the symptoms. For those of us with little in the way of symptoms, it could mean a drastic reduction in our likelihood of transmission, which would go a long way to reducing anxieties that we might have in relation to this condition. 

Some hope: https://www.acsh.org/news/2018/06/12/herpes-vaccines-dont-work-what-about-drugs-pritelivir-page-aids-playbook-13074

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2 hours ago, ihaveittoo said:

Thank you for the link. I'm glad to see Pritelivir is back on track.

The reason it is fast tracked is because of people with compromised immune systems for whom Valtrax doesn't work, but once it gets approved it is approved for wider use (I believe) and that could happen by 2021.

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About four or five years ago the human trials on Pritelivir were suspended because of issues that came up in the animal trials. As you can imagine there was disappointment in the h community. I’m very happy to see that those issues seem to have been resolved.


This article covers a little bit about that issue.

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Phase 2 is not over. Part 1 of phase 2 is complete but they are currently looking for participants for their phase 2. Phase 2 is suppose to be completed by October 2019. But because it was fast tracked it might not need to go through phase 3. 

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