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Hey y'all, 

My question is, is suppression therapy even worth it? I have tired to do a lot of research but I seem to get the same answers and I just want answers from real people living the same situation as mine. I know a LOT about HIV and treatment and all of that, due to my personal people in my life, and I know that there is this thing called U=U (undetectable = untransmittable) meaning HIV suppression works to prevent the spread of HIV during sex, so much so that you don't even have to wear condoms with HIV negative partners because there is virtually no risk. Now what I want to know if its the same for herpes? I don't mind using condoms, I want to make sure that my current partner is safe and that they run no risk, but what about during oral sex? I've been on valacyclovir for 5 days now, and only have 2 pills left. I want to be suppressed so I want to continue taking the medication, but not if it wont even reduce the shedding. I'm worried about shedding the virus when I don't have breakouts. I want to continue giving and receiving oral without being paranoid of giving my partner oral herpes. Please help, anything from your experience will help. 

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Hello @andrea24 and welcome! 

Download the handouts included with the ebook. They will give you an overview of the risk. Here’s that link:



Basically, to sum it up, there’s a 10% risk of passing herpes to women and a 4% risk to men without any mess or protection and without an active outbreak. Taking suppressive medication will cut the risk in half and wearing protection will cut it in half again. So best case scenario with both condoms and meds you’re looking at a 2.5% risk for women and a 1% chance for men (that’s averaged out over the course of a year). And yes, this refers to asymptomatic viral shedding, too. 

What kind of genital herpes do you have? HSV-1 or HSV-2?

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Thank you @mr_hopp! Im glad I was able to find you all

That makes me feel a lot better, I'm just worried for my partner. I'm not that worried for myself but they're the kind of person that is very anxious, I'm a little more nonchalant so when we got this news they freaked out - and they don't have insurance while I do. 

I am actually not sure, the doctors office who gave me the diagnosis did it over the phone and was no help. Even gave me misinformation about taking the medication and who I should be "fine" after that first dose. Needless to say I ended up switching gynos. I am about to get blood work done once more this coming Saturday! I have a feeling it might be HSV-2 though, just due to my symptoms although they were really not as bad as from what I have read. 

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