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What do I believe

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On 4/1/18 I had unprotected sex. Like three weeks later all test were negative.! I recently shaved and I seen one ingrown hair *I'm assuming.painless no itching no burning no tingling or any of that. Just a bump. Was worried so I went back yo test again it was negative with blood work. As the days pass on I see like multiple bumps maybe 2 to 3 spread out. Not causing pain or anything I'm afraid so I go get test again and when the Dr said all my test came back negative with the expectation of herpes simplex virus and she goes on to say if you need to hesitate to call me..... why I didn't get any meds? What do I do next? The same day I got my results i went to another Dr she did a swab and blood work. At this time I had a bump but it's been there since the first time. Hasn't bother me or painful or oozing. Does this mean I'm positive 

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 With the first doc who said you had herpes simplex, did she say which one?

Did you get the results from the 2nd doctor who did the swab yet? The standard blood tests don't seem to be that reliable. The best one seems to be the one called the Western Blot.

If you go to the doctor and you are not sure of something, be sure to ask so that you understand completely. That's what they get paid for! 

Call that doctor who said "don't hesitate to call" and ask her why no meds. It's taken me a lot of years to learn to stick up for myself at the doctor's office. Now I make a list of my questions and things I'm not sure of. It helps me remember when faced with the doc whose giving me information that is all medical jargon.

Good luck!!!


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You are so right. It's like she just delivered me the bad news and that was that. I did research and most people said that they left with medication bc the had physical symptoms such as bumps. Even though the results never came back. She didn't give me anything no information or tell what to do next I've been relying on Google and research. But to answer tour question I get those results some time next week.  Thanks for replying btw she said I had herpes simplex virus 1. Which cause cold sore however she worded. But I have no signs of that. The bump is located in the pubic hair area and not around my vagina 

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Hmm, seems like a lot of the HSV1 stories I've read on this forum start with bumps on the hair region. 

Maybe the doc was so cavalier because 90% of people have HSV1, mostly in the mouth tho and with few to no symptoms/outbreaks. It also seems like I'm reading about more HSV1 infections than HSV2 lately.

I understand that after initial outbreak, the HSV1 may be less prone to outbreak than HSV2, i but haven't done the HSV1 research.

Hope your second doc treats you better!



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