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Is there a gender divide in how people react to disclosure?

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I wonder if there isn't a bit of a gender divide in terms of how people react to disclosure. From what I've read, counter to what you might think, men tend to be more receptive to their potential partner having herpes than women, meaning are more likely to respond positively to the disclosure. When you think about it, this could be for several reasons. Women are, unfairly, more stigmatized then men for sexual behaviour, and hence the "scarlet letter" bullshit associated with this condition can affect them more. Women are also going to consider the issue of pregnancy and neonatal herpes in a different light than men. In short, women tend to be more aware of the long term consequences of sex, and men tend to be shorter term thinkers in that regard. Now look, those are some sweeping generalizations that are not going to hold true across the board, but I do think it gestures to some of the ways that men and women often approach sex differently.  I do not mean to sound like "women are ike this and so they will do this and men are like this and they will do this". There are as many ways of handling disclosure as there are people in the world, but I am curious if there aren't trends that align with wider social norms.

The reason I thought of this was the "disclosure spree" thread where the OP uses texts, with great success to disclose to men who are nevertheless eager to have sex with her. I wonder if women would be as receptive to that method. 

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I think you are correct I have had two boyfriends that I had to let know that I have HSV 2 and they where both ok with it.  Using protection and I took the medication for extra protection.  Then I started to think about it what if someone said that to me what would I do.  I honestly don’t think I would be ok with it.   So yes I think men are more opened minded to it.   Even when I get turned around because of my issues I haves to remember what would I do if the role was reversed. 

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