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Disclosure issues

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I met a man online and we hit it off so he agreed to do a quick meet and greet.  We liked eachother also in person so I disclosed to him right then about my HSV2.

He was fine with it and did have questions but we still agreed to go out that weekend (and he even had made another date in the near future for a concert)  He lives quit a ways away from me and we knew we would both be drinking so I agreed to stay over at his place.  We had protected sex which actually was pretty damn good.  He even said to me "I like you, do you like me?  can we do this again soon"  - meaning hanging out dating not the sex part (although hopefully that too lol)

The next day after he dropped me off we did not talk very much.  The following day I got an email in the morning from him saying "I see that I don't mean shit to you so if I get herpes from you I am suing you!" 

obviously i was shocked.  I did like him and had no idea why he was so upset - but of course it was a big red flag to me how he reacted and what he said about suing me.  Has anyone else been threatened like this?  I read that if you disclose your condition that you cannot be sued - but how can you prove that you disclosed it?  my Mom suggested having future men sign a contract that if they get it from me they will not sue me - is this what it has come to?  

I have since withdrawn into my shell again - afraid to date and tell up front and not wanting to NOT tell so I don't date at all right now.  So hurtful.  I don't know what to do.  I have joined herpes dating sites with the hopes that then I don't have to have "the talk" with a non-h person and risk the rejection or risk the threat of being sued - but there is hardly ever anyone in my area.  What has your exp been?  Please help!

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LOL at that fucking clown. No he can not sue you. He said "I see that I don't mean shit to you..."; do you know what he is referring to there? Just that you didn't talk to him enough? Anyway, to be honest, it sounds like you dodged a bullet with this guy and that he's a nut. Absolutely DO NOT follow you mom's advice and get people to sign a contract just because of this one idiot. If you need a little time before getting back out there, take some time, but don't let this dictate anything in your future behaviour because you did nothing wrong and making people sign contracts before sex is going to freak people out way more than herpes will. On the bright side, if it wasn't for herpes, maybe you wouldn't have caught on so quickly about this guy's true colors. Thanks herpes!

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