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Genital HSV1 transmission questions

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I am a female that was recently diagnosed with genital HSV1 and I had a few questions on how exactly I could possible transmit it to a partner. If a partner were to perform oral on me, can it lead to oral HSV1 for him? Also can it be passed between genitals? How high are the transmission rates for both oral and regular sex and are the rates higher for oral vs regular? Just want to be clear so I can be careful and lower my chances of passing this on to an uninfected partner. Thanks!

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Okay I think I have a few answers. If your partner ever gets cold sores then you wont be able to pass it to him orally because you cant re-infect him with a virus he already has (80% of the GLOBAL population has HSV1 so this is promising)..."For a person who has had herpes cold sores from herpes simplex virus 1 (HSV1), it is unlikely for HSV1 to be transmitted to the genitals through oral sex. Having been infected with HSV1, the immune system has already manufactured, and kept on reserve, antibodies to this virus. Thus, when the virus is encountered again, the immune system is already well acquainted with its enemy and can initiate a quick and efficient counterattack. On the other hand, for someone who has never had herpes cold sores before, infection with HSV1 through oral sex can result in a true primary episode of genital herpes. By some estimates, 50 to 90 percent of the American adult population carry antibodies to HSV1"

I cant find some of the other stats I've read again now but I know that GHSV1 sheds a lot less then GHSV2 and it is very rare to transfer it genital to genital because HSV1 doesn't like the genitals. Thats why they GHSV1 has (statistically, though it depends the person) less OBs and sometimes doesn't even breakout again after your primary OB. So its more difficult to transfer genital to genital but still possible. I cant find the exact percentages.

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