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Hi, I just was diagnosed with HSV 2 about 3 weeks ago by a swab test. I started having some discomfort that led to what I thought was an infection from some new meds I started taking... OB swabbed my sores and sure enough positive. I started taking acyclovir for 5 days and it made my sores go away. The pain was more than I could handle to the point I literally could not eat for 3 days for fear of using the restroom. Now that I’ve gotten past my sores I feel so much better but I have an intense itching that I can not get to go away. I am big on trying natural things so I have been taking Epsom salt baths with lavender and maleluca oils which helps some but at night I literally can not sleep bc the itching is so bad. I made my own salve with coconut oil, maleluca, and peppermint oil. It helps but still not enough... i tried the ice pack and it does nothing. I am at my little end with this itching. I know I need sleep to help keep my body from being stressed and bringing another outbreak on but it’s impossible. I am also 5 months pregnant so I am limited on what I can do. Any ideas? 

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Some people suggested Prosurx to me, I also gave it a try to treat herpes outbreaks and control further recurrences. Amazingly, this cream is the best treatment I've used when diagnosed with herpes. But I remember that it's not recommended to pregnancy, what a pity! Have you ever used a cool compress to the affected area?  A cool compress helps relieve pain and itching. Also, aloe vera gel is effective in easing itching sensation

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I have not tried Aloe Vera yet. I did try a bath with oatmeal, Epsom salt, and baking soda that did help enough to where I could sleep for about 4-5 hours before the itching woke me up. The cool compress or ice don’t seem to do much. Thank you for the suggestions. I will ask my dr about the cream you used and see if I can try it. I am literally desperate for sleep and relief. 

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Thanks JulyP. I think I know why yours may have been to strong too. Oregano oil is a “hot” oil and should be used topically only with heavy dilution and peppermint is really strong maybe the 2 combined caused your skin to react? I’m starting to think there is so much itching for me bc it somehow damaged my nerves a bit. On the bottom of my left foot it’s like a numbness to it and on the left side of my bottom where everything started. I have been doing oatmeal baths and that has helped as well. I can actually sleep at night  😁

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