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Recieved the wonderful gift of H from love of my life.

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Hi everyone, I am new here. Nice to meet you all.

I recently met the most wonderful man, our story is like something from a movie and everyone is always smitten when we tell them how we met. Everything was absolutely perfect until the first time we started to get intimate which is when he told me he had H.

I can't lie, it was a little bit of a shock (especially when you are about to sleep with someone for the first time) it took time to process it and I felt truly terrible to find out he had been infected knowingly (I could still kill that girl) but I was so happy that he had told me, given me a choice and we were very careful to begin with. The more research I did the more comfortable I felt about it and I was determined that this would not be an issue in a seemingly perfect relationship. We decided to stop using condoms as a couple of times they had split anyway (I do have birth control) and he had no BO.

This week after rather a lot of pain when peeing I went to the sexual health clinic where I was diagnosed with H. I feel...ok about it. I mean, its not the dream but I know he will support me through it and that we are in a really good place still.

I just thought it would be helpful to join this group to find out others experiences, see if there is anything I can learn, I feel more relaxed with the more I am getting to know.

I've been given a weeks supply of suppressants and saline solution for when I pee. I also tried a salt bath today although it feels like another area is now sore. Just hoping to get through this first OB quickly so I can try and return to normality ASAP (Not looking forward to this pain while working, thank god I am on a couple days of!!)


It does bug me that it is pretty self inflicted and I don't feel sorry for myself but I wish my 'research ' had led me to a better understanding of 'shedding' and the fact that a partner doesn't need to be having an OB for it to be passed on. Lesson learnt!!


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My first outbreak was painful but subsequent ones much less so and after about a year I've had none (although I was on suppressive therapy for about 6months). I think my story is pretty typical. . If you take  care to keep your immune system strong, you're more likely than not to have few outbreaks that won't be as painful as the first.

Your BF was very brave and honest and you could've walked away but you didn't. This speaks very highly of both your characters.  H is really very controllable; the worst part is the stigma and that's only an issue if you buy into it - - DON'T!

So go on loving and enjoying your time with your boyfriend and know in the end you're going to be okay. ☺️




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