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Kidney Transplant and Sex with HSV Partner

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I had a kidney transplant 2 months ago. In that time ive also met a girl who told me she has hsv-1 oral.

My concern is that we'd like to get intimate with each other but are hesitating because of my immune system. We were planning to be extremely safe with her being on valtrex, using protection etc. but still in two mind about it.

Does me being on immunosuppresants increase my chances of getting hsv ? Anyone else here experience with a partner who had hsv post transplant ? Based on my tests I am clear of both HSV - 1 and 2

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Hello, this is a good question and I think your great for having an open mind and understanding for your partners H status but I’d be very cautious if I were you. Your immune system is compromised so it could allow the H virus to be a real nuisance to you.  If your system can’t keep H at bay you can have constant recurrences that are nearly impossible to get in front of.  There is only really one form of treatment (ie antivirals) and those are very toxic to your liver and kidneys so if you run into this complication it’s not going to be good.  Also, I know ppl make Ghsv1 seem “better” than having Hsv2 but I don’t concur with that thought. I have gshv1 and in the last couple of years as a very healthy athletic person who has a restricted diet and works with a naturopathic doctor I’ve still had recurrences that are horrid and take A LOT to get under control.  

I think you two may want to stick with mutual mastubation or non vaginal sex for the sake of you.  There’s a fellow H story on here where a man got hsv from his wife (she was no active etc.) but his body did not like her strain and he’s been battling a year long fight with the most viscous outbreaks he can imagine.  I’ll try and find the link for you. And I’m not trying to scare you. But in your case you are at a higher  risk for some serious complications. 

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